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Kaylie Magri

Kaylie Magri was born on the 22 of February in 2002. She lives with her family in Ħamrun and is currently attending the University of Malta where she studies Theatre along with English.

She started singing and going to lessons at 9 years old guided by Alison Ellul, and later went to singing lessons taught by Geordie Debono at Geordie’s Vocal Studio, now known as Stairway Academy, as well as with Danica Muscat at The Vocal Lodge. Now she is taught by Joshua Alamu De Cadenex and she’s obtained 2 exams since going to the school called Rockschool, these are: Grade 1 and Grade 3 Distinction in music theory.

The first competition that she competed in was organised by Stardust Productions in which she came in first place out of thirteen participants. Later, she continued to take part in other competitions such as I’lħna tal-Futur, Bravi Kantanti Maltin, Eurostars, Singer Stage, J & A Productions, Gaffiero Producation u Magic Melody where several times she’s been invited as a guest singer and sometimes as a presenter as well.

And she’s always done well in them as she won and placed several times and has even won the Overall Cup.

In the year 2014 and even in 2015 she won the title of Singer of the Year from Stardust Promotions.

In Malta she has participated in the international festival Eurostars twice, one time placing second and another time placing third out of nineteen participants in her section, also in the festival Singer Stage Malta Song International Festival where she got third place.

In 2013 she went to Switzerland where she took part in the festival Star Voices and came in second place. In 2013 she went to Romania as well to take part in the competition entitled Ti Amo and got first place in her category as well as first place in an original song called Luce.

In the year 2014 she sang with the choir of L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2014 where they sang in the opening of the festival of that year, and in the musical throughout the show. Other than that, in November of 2014 she flew to England to take part in Britain’s Got Talent and passed to the second phase of the competition.

In July of 2015 as well as 2016 she took part in the Festival La Voce Del Sud in Sicily in which she passed to the finals.

In July of 2016 she was one of the finalists in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song When We Were Young originally by Adele, while in August of 2016 and 2017 together with many other Maltese students she went to London for an intensive music course called Ultimate Artists led by Joshua Alamu De Cadenex in which she learnt a lot.

Other than just singing, Kaylie has presented a number of shows especially those organised by Ally El Entertainment with Eliana Gomez Blanco and has presented the Bognor Talent Show in Buġġibba twice, has sang on Xarabank as well and been a guest singer in Magic Melody. In 2017 she also acted in Isaac Mercieca’s music video for his original song I Never Knew, where she played the lead love interest.

From December of 2016 Kaylie started learning the guitar as well because in the future she wants to accompany herself with guitar while singing and she took lessons from Luke Agius also known as Lulu and part of the duo Xarulu.

Kaylie Magri singing at Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2020 (photo by Joseph Galea)

In 2018, she auditioned for the first season of X Factor 2018 with the song You Don’t Own Me and she kept on going in the competition up until the Chair Challenge. Other than that, in that same year, she was also a backing vocalist for Eliana Gomez Blanco in L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2018 with the song Kliem (Words).

In 2019 she also started studying learning the ukulele so that she can start writing her own songs and study anither instrument, and she started to take part in musicals and plays that were put up at Junior College, like when she sang Never Enough in the Christmas Cabaret and presented at the international festival called Ħolqa, as well as being part of the Committee of Teatru Kulleġġ, which is a theatre group at Junior College. In the start of 2020 she took part in the Soiree with the name of Cinder at Junior College in which she was the vocal coach for the actors that took part, as well as being part of the production team behind the show.

The same year she also released her first original song written completely by her with the title of Forest Eyes as well as competing in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2020, with the song Dinja Għalija, penned by Joe Julian Farrugia and composed by Eliana Gomez Blanco in which she placed fifth.

It’s Kaylie’s wish that she achieves success in the future with her music as well as wanting to be of help even to certain people through the message in the songs that could have different social themes.

When she grows up, other than wanting to be in the music scene she wishes to become an English teacher as well as a theatre producer.