Fredu Grima d-Dimonju

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Fredu Grima d-Dimonju,

Fredu Grima d-Dimonju.

also known as Tal-Marsa is an improvised verse folk singer. He is a stone mason, although he was a soldier with the Armed Forces as a member of the Pioneer Corps. His mother hailed from Mosta, his father Gejtu was a port labourer.

Born on the 16th April 1950, Grima grew up close to the Trinita' neighbourhood and moved to the Marija Reġina area, still in Marsa. He was ironically born in Stable Alley, a few paces away from the folk singing wine outlet ran by Karmni ta' Wistin.

His nickname Id-Dimonju, lit. the demon, was given since he used to swore Ħaqq id-Dimonju, 'that blasted demon' and the expression stuck. He became enamoured with folk music on his own.

As a seventeen year old he began frequenting Karmni's outlet, listening to greats, such as Salvu Darmanin Ir-Ruġel,Żeppi Meli ta' Sika, Pawlu Degabriele l-Bies and Pawlu Seychell l-Għannej. A year later he began folksinging, at Ċisju's Bar in the San Sebastian parish, Qormi.

Fredu Grima d-Dimonju folksinging in Qormi, August 2013.

He visited Melbourne and Sydney in 2005 and folk sang with Ġużeppi Azzopardi Ras Il-Bagħal, Żaren Attard Il-Bukkaċċ and Salvu Galea tal-Kalora in St. Albans. He has folk sung a ballad, written around 2003 by Charles Mangion Iż-Żubina, which runs fourteen minutes and is against abortion. It was sung to the prim of Johnny tal-Belt, accompanied by Salvu Tanti l-Kanadiż and Vermon Gera ta' Ġlud.

He had a break from għana in 2008 but returned to the fold in 2011 in a bout with Joe Grech ta' Raħal Ġdid in Naxxar, and then on the 20th August 2013 at the Klabb tal-Boċċi San Ġorġ in Qormi. It is not surprising to learn that being from Marsa, Grima is also keen on horseracing, owns a steed which he races in the local championship.

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