Charles Mangion Iż-Żubina

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Charles Mangion Iż-Żubina is an improvised verse folk singer. He was also a folk music promoter and for several years hosted many għana events at the Pietà Boċċi Club, where several folksingers performed for the first time. Amongst them was Toni Cutajar Il-Pikkolin, who was exposed to folk singing as a seven-year old through his father at this venue that was to become his natural home.

Mangion is also known to be a prolific ballad writer, having also penned ones for Fredu Grima d-Dimonju. In December he launched a Facebook page entitled Għana tal-Kitarri, totally dedicated to Maltese folk music, where he is posting links to uploaded folk singing bouts on Soundcloud and rare footage on Youtube.

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