Żeppi Meli ta' Sika

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Żeppi Meli ta' Sika

Żeppi Meli ta' Sika

was born in 1929 and grew up in Marsa. His nickname a reference to his maternal grandmother, since his family were also known as Tal-Insalata and were from Qormi. A stevedore, like several folksingers, he folk sang that to earn an honest living and raise his big family he spent a lifetime carrying cement.

Meli was a regular fixture with the cream of Maltese folksingers in the Sixties and Seventies, including Pawlu Seychell l-Għannej, Ninu Galea l-Kalora, Żaren Mifsud ta' Vestru, Frans Baldacchino l-Budaj and the emerging Salvu Pace s-Sulari.

He passed away in 2009. Meli is renowned as one of the best folksingers of his era.

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