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Xtreme Metal Assault official logo

Xtreme Metal Assault is an annual metal summer festival that place in Malta.

The event started as ExtremeMalteseMetal in 2007 when Edward Tagliaferro organized EMM'07. This was followed by EMM'08 the following year but by 2010 it had been replace by the first edition of the newly named Xtreme Metal Assault festival as XMA2010, which took place at the Buskett Roadhouse.


Twelve bands lined up at Buskett Gardens on Saturday 13 August 2011. Doors open at 4.30pm.

Xtreme Metal Assault 2011 poster

5.15pm Myopic Destiny
5.45pm Cyanide
6.15pm Rising Sunset
6.55pm Ruin (x-Tripwire)
7.35pm Dying Signals
8.15pm In The Name Of
8.55pm Martyrium
9.35pm Insurgence
10.15pm Weeping Silence
11.00pm Slit
11.45pm 26 Other Worlds
00.30am Club Murder
01.15am Oblique Visions

Event ends at 2am.

XMA2011 warm-up gig flyer

Chaotic Remains & Thy Legion will play on 12 August 2011 at V-Gen as part of the XMA2011 event. Tickets for this cost €3 and the XMA cost €15 - those who present their ticket bought on the 12th at XMA receive a €3 discount and pay only €12 eur for XMA.

Diana is setting up her GORYGOTH stand which shall also host bands' merchandise.

Mike (adonisarts) - engraving personalised logos.

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