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The Malta Doom Metal Festival is an annual gathering of the Maltese doom metal scene in all its various forms at the Buskett Roadhouse.

The festival came to fruition after a successful Malta Doom Night at the Poxx Bar, Paceville in 2007 that featured UK epic doom band Unsilence, as well as Forsaken and Nomad Son. Another related event titled Doom Metal Assault (with three bands on each of three consecutive nights) has also been run successfully twice since then with Hellenic band Reflection and prog doom-death veterans The Prophecy from England gracing local stages. All these events and the MDM festival in particular highlight the budding doom scene in Malta.

The first edition of the Malta Doom Metal Festival was held in 2009. It was headlined by Italian epic/progressive band Dark Quarterer and featured local doom stalwarts Forsaken and Nomad Son with Victims of Creation making a great comeback to the stage after a long hiatus. The first edition's line-up was completed by newcomers Dawn of Anguish and the female-fronted Weeping Silence who ensured that all the shades of doom were well represented in the first edition.

The second edition, subtitled Doom in the Woods, took place on 19 and 20 November 2010 with: Forsaken, Nomad Son, Sorrows Path (Greece), Hands of Orlac (Italy), Lothus (Italy), Victims of Creation, Dawn of Anguish, Oblique Visions, and Deluge of Sorrow. Ticket prices: 1 day pass for Friday - €12, 1 day pass for Saturday - €14, 2 day pass - €20.

Work is already underway for an even bigger third edition in 2011.

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