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Mro. Willie Attard

Willie Attard (14 May 1900 - 3 March 1970) was a Maltese bandmaster.

He was born in Ħamrun on 14 May 1900, Son of Benedict and Mary Vella. He was the second child among four. At a young age began to show its drive for learning music, and began his teaching at the Mro. Anton Miruzzi. 8 years already playing quarters with Società Filarmonica Nazionale La Valette Band Club.

In 1914 enrolled in the military as a band musician. He played the clarinet and saxaphone. He continued studying harmony at the Mro. Ġuseppe Abdilla, the kontrapont at the Mro. Carlo Diacono and instrumentation at the Mro. Cardenio Botti.

The Mro Attard earned several efficiency certificates. Following a regular course of harmony and kontrapont obtained a certificate of merit from Carlo Diacono, Maestro di Cappella Cathedral. In 1926 obtained another certificate from The Association of Board-the Royal Academy of Music and other First Grade in 1927 by the London Royal College of Music.

The Maestro Willie Attard was headmaster director of the Każin San Ġużepp u Banda de Rohan during 1932 and the first musical program was directed on Palm Sunday in the Square of the village. Besides the Każin San Ġiużepp u Banda De Rohan, the Maestro Attard also had bands over the Soċjeta Mużikali San Ġużepp Ħamrun, La Vittoria Band Club of Mellieħa, Our Lady of consolations (now) Għaqda Mużikali Maria Assunta of il-Gudja and Soċjeta Filarmonika Leone Band Club, Rabat, Gozo.

The Conductor Attard was known for his compositions. They are very funeral marches and marches wrote, among the best known, the march march "The Famous Dome". Also wrote anthems like "Hymn St Joseph Band" for St Joseph Band of Hamrun. Other anthems are La Vittoria bands Mellieħa, St Gabriel Balzan, Gudja Maria Assunta and others. Was married to Mary Cachia born from Isla and had six children. The Maestro Willie Attard died on 3 March 1970, at the age of 70 years.