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Wayne Farrugia

Wayne Farrugia born on 17 September 1996, He is a Maltese writer, teacher, researcher and librarian.

Early Life

He is the oldest and only son of George and Wendy. He has another sibling, Ilenia. He attended St. Francis School Primary, Birkirkara, and then, he was promoted to St. Albert the Great College, Valletta, after he passed the Junior Lyceum and Common entrance exams. Afterwards, he attended the Ġian Franġisk Abela College from where he obtained the matriculation certificate. Then, in 2017, he obtained a Bachelor Degree course in Maltese and Social Studies. He is currently studying a Master Degree in Maltese Literature about the Maltese nation’s construction in Oliver Friggieri’s poems.

Writing and Songwriting

Farrugia had been writing poems since his childhood. He went public with his works in 2014, encouraged by numerous composers and other writers. At an early age, his poems were adapted to musical compositions in order to be played and sung in numerous concerts. The poem Dies Natalis, originally written as a Christmas poem, was adapted to a musical composition and was played in a concert held at the Mosta local council.

Farrugia's first attempt in writing lyrical compositions for festivals was in 2015 when he participated in the festival L-Għanja tal-Poplu. However, the song was not promoted to the final stage. Farrugia kept on writing other lyrical compositions. Later he penned “Kemm Nixtieq,” the latter being composed by the famous eighty’s band X-Tend in 2020.

Wayne Farrugia presenting on B’Kara Radio

Meanwhile, Farrugia wrote a funeral march Kollox Mitmum and was played in 2015 as part of the Good Friday feast in the Lily of the Valley School auditorium in Mosta. Then, he collaborated with Bernie and Pod and wrote the famous Maltese song Ħelwa tal-Għaġeb during Summer of 2017 and Int u Jien dal-Milied during Christmas time of 2017. These songs were published online on YouTube in order to reach number of followers on the social media.

In the meantime, he was commissioned by local band clubs to write religious hymns dedicated to the local patron saints. Also, Farrugia joined Muża Karkariża, a local literature group which organizes literary events in churches, squares and in some events. In fact, in 2015 Farrugia received an appreciation in Jum Birkirkara for promoting and sustaining the Maltese literature. This literary group published two anthologies which expose poems and short stories related to Birkirkara or its culture. Farrugia, was also appointed as the international secretary of Għaqda Poeti Maltin, which also promotes Maltese literature both locally and internationally. He also wrote his first Maltese novel Mas-Sbieħ id-Dlam in 2017, in the same year in which he wrote the Maltese songs with Bernie and Pod. Eventually, Farrugia collaborated with the group X-Tend, especially with Charlie Dalli, to write an inspired-disco style in Maltese: Kemm Nixtieq. Eventually, Farrugia will be publishing other lyrical songs in near future.


Farrugia was also a broadcaster. From 2016 till 2019 he was part of the BKR Radio team, where he produced Poeżija Mużikali. In this radio programme, Farrugia used to play Maltese songs, reading poems and explain the themes and figures of speech in detail



Year Songs Artist Composer Video
2014 Dies Natalis Gislaine Mifsud Mro.Silvan Abdilla (Click for Video)
2017 Ħelwa tal-Għaġeb Bernie and Pod Bernie and Pod (Click for Video)
2017 Int u Jien dal-Milied Bernie and Pod Bernie and Pod (Click for Video)
2020 Kemm Nixtieq X-Tend Charlie Dalli (Click for Video)


Year March Band Club Composer Festive Funeral Hymins Video
2015 Kollox Mitmum (Serveral Musician) Mro.Silvan Abdilla * [ (Click for Video)]
2016 Warda Mistika Soċjeta Filarmonika Lourdes Qrendi A.D. 1895 Mro.Silvan Abdilla * [ (Click for Video)]