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Fiona Cauchi

Vince & Friends is a series of music encounters hosted by Vince Fabri at CityPro Cafe in Valletta, which started in 2011.

The series is self-styled as "a great recipe for hot summer nights; a cool breeze, a glass of cold wine and a great selection of unplugged covers adapted to just vocals, percussion and an acoustic guitar strumming the night away."

Schedule of gigs


Nadine Axisa
Corazon and Robert Tomasuolo
Marilyn Mifsud and Jeffery Bajada
Fiona Cauchi
Claire Tonna

Follow-up event

On Thursday 7 December 2011 Vince Fabri returned to the City Pro Cafe for a literary event produced by David Pisani for Żminijietna Leħen ix-Xellug under the title Il-Pinna li nfluwenzat is-soċjeta Maltija (the pen that influenced Maltese society).

Ġorġ Peresso, Mark Montebello u Maria Grech Ganado discussed the theme along with readings of their own works, accompnied by Vince Fabri on guitar.

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