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Twanny Scerri

Twanny Scerri was born in Kalkara on 5 April, 1955. He was a Broadcaster and Presenter on radio and television.

In his childhood, Twanny was always interested in both sports and music. As a young man, he was often involved in youths and football committees in his hometown.

In 1979 Twanny came in the world of work, and begain working in the Security Dept. at Dockyard, where he remained until 1993. And soon after he joined Calypso Radio where he is still there till today. Twanny Scerri begain his career in the filed of Broadcasting in 1980, when he stared with the Vioce of Friendship and Solidarity (Leħen il-Ħbiberija u Soledarjerta) a Radio Station lead by Lybians boardcast at Tas-Salib limit of Rabat, Malta. Towards the end of 1981, he joined the Malta National Radio Station which was part of Xandir Malta.

Twanny spent almost 30 years presenting various programs mostly about Italian Music. For some years he also worked with the late recorder producer Manwel Borg who was the producer of the program, air on Saturday ‘’Saturdays Music and Sports’’ and when San Remo held on February, they would be one of the first to give information and played the songs to the listeners. He was synonymous with the program ‘’Saturdays Music and Sports’’ and today although it changed its name to ‘’Music and Sports’’ one could say that this is the most program that has been broadcasting in our country since 1981 on the stations presented by Twanny Scerri on Radio Malta and Calypso Radio in the past years.

He was the protagonist, for many singers, mostly Italians had been brought to our country.

Twanny even presented in Italy. Interview some of the best Italian singers including Gianni Morandi, Antonello Venditti, Zucchero, Claudio Baglioni, Massimo Ranieri, Pupo, Albano Carisi and dozens of other singers.

In 1985 FestivalBar a summer event usually held in various Italian cities was held in Malta at Floriana, The Granaries and in front of a 40,000 people Twanny was the only Maltese presenter adressing the huge crowd. Event was presented by Claudio Cecchetto and Ramona Del Abate. Great Italian singers like Raf, Gianna Nannini, Fred Bongusto, Mino Reitano performed.

Twanny was part of the committee from the GWU Welfare Section in Dockyard. And it was the brain for all the arrangements to be made, so that on June 3, 1990 a match was held at the National Stadium in Ta’ Qali between the National team of Italian Singers against a Maltese team formed by Maltese personalities. The event was also presented by Twanny and Gianni Morandi along with Caroline Rossitto and John Muscat. On that day the Maltese had won 3-2 with a great satisfaction infront the present audience.

Twanny Scerri presention one of his radio programm

In 2010 Twanny joined Calypso Radio and Xejk Tv where in all these years he has continued to spread various styles of music including Maltese song and presenting on tv.

In all these years Twanny has presented many Maltese evenings even on a National level with some of the best singers of all time in our country such as Freddie Portelli, Mike Spiteri, Mary Rose Mallia, George Curmi ‘’l-Puse’’, Joe Cutajar, Mary Spiteri, X-Tend, Winter Moods and many others.

He also presented Contest for new Maltese singers. And also Maltese Choir courses. In the past he also presented evenings of folklorist with the best singers of the genere.

On Xejk Tv he has broadcast many programs regarding the Maltese music scene. On Xejk Tv he also spent 5 years presenting hot programs on political topics. He also presented evenings with local bands featuring Maltese singers.

Twanny has always saying that Maltese song must continue to be given prominence on the media in our country. And we must also take care of our language even in today's times.

Twanny Scerri is married to Marianne and they have one daughter Cinzia who is married to Clayton Casha and they have a daughter Katrina.