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Tony Agius

Tony Agius born in Ħamrun on 4 February 1941. He is a singer.

As has always been attractive to singing, and began singing at Immaculate Conception Church in Ħamrun as soloist with the organist Ms. Sciortino.

Tony had attraction for Italian music, particularly towards the singers Aurelio Ferro and Claudio Villa, who was the most powerful were the Neapolitan songs.

Meanwhile Malta have organized several festivals were started mainly when the Maltese were watching some festivals that were made in Italy by RAI television, and at that time Tony made his first appeared on stage was at Rialto theatre at Cospicua, where he was with his girlfriend, she went there the see a festival, and Tony tell her ok, today I will come and sing too he went to find Profs. Valerio Valente and tell him, that he want to sing, and do Il Mare and he was enjoyed very much by the audience, were many of them was from Ħamrun, this was his debut for Tony.

Grew up a little and give some shows at the Premier in Valletta when he was invited to sing with the band about two numbers that would have been played such great musicians led by Prof. Ghirlando Valente, Oscar Lucas, Vinny Vella Sr. and Spiru Zammit sang and playback for many years with him, moreover also started giving shows at Radio City in Ħamrun, when at the night there are some guest, one of them was an illusionunist name of Horiko which come from the Orientals to give an exhibition in the show and Tony Agius was invited to sing too and went very well.

It was, in the early sixties, people where talk to each other about younger singer Tony Agius and even about his beautiful voice he got, so the owner of the Premier had sent him an offer contract, but Tony refused, because he did’nt want to committed himself singing in the same place.

One of these festivals was held in Radio City was Canzione D'Oggi organized by Professor Giorlando Valente and his wife Stella they were known as Mpreza Valente at those days were organizer different shows both in the capital city Valletta and both in Sliema, the Festival was won by the singer Edwin Galea with the song Granada and he after was known as ‘Mr.Granata’ and Tony Agius was finished in Second Place with song of Tony Renis Uno Per Tutti.

Tony also took part in several programs along with several other singers, who were also made on Maltese television in its infancy were shown directed often presented by well known Victor Aquilina.

Meanwhile with several big shows held in Sliema and Valletta, for those involved, they tried this kind and trying to open new business also, Night Clubs, and pubs, , one of the first in this sector was famous for night Club Barrel & Basket where the owner open this night club, he opened an application call to choose a singer, were applied 22 and Tony Agius was the one chosen.

In one of the first festivals of the Malta Song Festivals Tony had a song named 'Rebbieħa’ with a few words and music of John B.Cassar, at the time this festival would be organized on three days Thursday, Friday and Saturday, on Thursday Tony was presented in the theater for the first night, and he began to feel some painful, just painful tomorrow was increased and Tony Agius was retreat from the Festival, and was completed hospital makes or operation of appendicitis, in the meantime quick instead of Tony entered the singer Joe Grech to sing, and hu was sang with the lyrics infront of him, and he was succeeded leads the song by Second place.

Tony Agius

Tony Agius was so popolar that he got even a Fan Club with many member sign, who follows always and chasing after him, wherever he is singing, and was also invited to sing with Italian great singers like Claudio Villa, Mia Martini that time known as Mimi Berte and was in second place, also sang with Bobby Solo when they were giving their performances in Radio City, also sang with Sister Kim when they were singing ABC theater in Floriana.

It was Tony himself, who was prompted for start singing brother Freddie Agius, and the same was made, with Renato when it was in its infancy, singing as korrist with his sister Helen Micallef, when he said to him, you, got a lot of talent, to start sing as a solist.

This Festival 'Canzone D'Oggi' has continued to be organized and 1963 editions of the year was ended, Second Place, 1964 Third Place, and in 1965 he, won the Festival with the songs Stasera No and La Sera A Maggio of Sergio Bruni, a difficult song which need a tenorili voice. As Tony award, he went at Bari sings in a festivals called Trullo Oscar D'Oro and had sang the song 'Bacamin' composition blindness Italian composer Luigi Leo, and was finished won this festival also.

Here Tony Agius continued with his career take part in Festivals, sings with band of Spiru Zammit in weddings and Night Clubs. Here had also a bid contract with the label Malta Disk of Joe Brockdorff, who were operrat from Zachary Street in Valletta Malta to record eight songs and was issued the first of which was called L-Għada tal-Festa ma’ Vitorin words and music of Vincenzo Ciappara, and was sang along with Carmen Schembri one could say that, this was one of the first Vinyl disc issuing f'1962 Malta.

But the career of Tony Agius where ended abruptly, when one day, they where playig at the Barrel & Basket at Rabat, and was ended early, and they had a slight addiction curiosity, that when it happens, so go some other places of entertainment take a drink and watching the environment also, then, exactly on the day of Friday 23 July, 1965, were gone in a Night Club Palm Beach they spend only a few minutes, there singer Joe Cutajar invited Tony to sing with him, and Tony with pleaseur sing the song O Sole Mio, and at 1.30am went on the way home, with Emanuel Zarb sports car, when they arrived at Baħar iċ-Ċagħak it was a thick fog which cause taht Zarb lost the control of his car and ran into a wall konkrete with a tremendous power, with Emanuel Zarb remains dead on the spot, and Tony ends up in hospital, and several blood filled dents and in violation legs, combat to save his life, which managed to win, and after some four weeks, was issued by the hospital, but also suffered Tony consequently the price of sacrifice, because he ended up lost his voice in the peak of his career, to communicate was talking w write instead abruptly retired from singing, Tony Psychologically it was broken, it was hard to accept, which now can not sing anymore.

After Tony had migrated to England some years towards, only two had again been back in Malta, with fellow singers organizse for him a welcome activitie evening, The Tony Agius Show, a five hours show, where all the musicians and singers come for nothing, and all entry money was awarded to Tony.

Spiru Zammit was urged to remain environment and join his band, and instead singing, tell him to starts playing the drums, and Tony agreed and ran some twelve years playing.

Today is yet somehow still living in Malta and also pursue music scene also, apart that is supporter of the team of his native city Ħamrun Spartans and it was he who book the words of the song Innu Ħamrun Spartans , Ċelebrażżjonijiet , and Anniversarju 75 with music of Spiru Zammit.

Beside this Tony Agius is a big fan of the Italian team Juventus, he went several times see them in Turin and often joke with his brother who was also the singer Freddie Agius which in turn keep this team with AC Milan.