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Helen Micallef was born on 8 May 1950 inside Birkirkara, fourth among eight siblings.

Helen Micallef

Helen began her career at a tender age of 10 years old when took part in the festival organized by ZĦN Young Christian Workers together with her sister, in the hall of St Aloysius College.

At 14 years, Helen joined the group The Four Links, with direcetion and incourgment of her mother from the start of her career. The group, The Four Links, consisted of Joe Muscat, John B. Gove and the 'leader' of the group Edwin Vella.

They were taken entity participating in several television programs and two years later the group infired. The only members of the group who remained were Edwin Vella and Helen Micallef. Some time after Elio Calleja joined the group and then the group name changed to The Links. They contunted to take part in several television programs and in 1966 won second place inside Sicily prestigious festivals. Later that year, Helen left the group to get a career as a soloist.

In 1967, Helen won international festival held inside the Radio City, where they took part including Italian singers such as Albano and Mia Martini. With this victory, Helen made a tour in Rome and Florence and represents Malta in an International Festivals held in the city of Sopot in Poland.

After this, she remained active in various television programs, Nightclubs and Hotels. In 1968 Helen won the Malta Song Festival with the song Tu Ora Capirai written by Composer Carmelo Zammit. In 1969, Helen take part in another festival with song Qawsalla written by composer F.X. Pisani.

In 1972, Helen Micallef was the first woman to fill represented Malta on the Eurovision Song Contest held in Edimburgh in Scotland, with the song L-Imħabba along with singer Joe Cutajar. This was a composition by Charles Camilleri and lyrics of Albert M.Cassola.

Few time later, Helen retired from her career after she was married and got three children. When they grew, Helen once again started her career from scratch. In 1991, Helen, along with her brother Renato, participated as guests boarded during the European Lottery inside Turkey was transmitted around whole Europe.

In 1992, Helen took part in the Festival Song For Europe, which won the prestigious prize for best interpretation in song Mat-Tneħid tal-Mewġ, words and music of Edmund Zarb. Through an award, Helen went to represents Malta as guest in the international program 'Mediterranean Nights' inside Turkey.

Helen also has for-hearted several students to train in singing career, one of them is her daughter Gloriana Arpa Belli. It makes working with the club very bundle of blindness, Duke of Connaught's Own Band inside the village there of, Birkirkara.

She is still very active, especially as a vocal coach.

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