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The Voice Academy Malta

The Voice Academy Malta is a singing school that was set up in 2004 by Ivan De Gabriele. The main aim of the academy is to help students improve their vocal and breathing techniques. Importance is also given to posture and helping the individual to sing in a professional way. This service is provided in an individual or small group sessions. The academy encourages its students to participate in local festivals and concerts. They are also encouraged to professional record their singing voices at various studios. This is obviously done when the students have obtained a certain level in their vocal techniques. In fact the majority of students that participate in local festivals win various trophies in their respective categories.

Concerts by the academy are regularly organised for vocal groups and soloists. The Voice Academy Malta organises concerts twice a year. One of the concerts is organised during the Christmas season where donations are collected to be given to local charities. The other is organised towards the end of the scholastic term as an award giving ceremony. At the end of this concert, students who have attended a full scholastic year are presented with a certificate.

The Voice Academy Malta

The Voice Academy Malta is the approved local representative, partner school and overseas educational consultant with The BIMM Group since 2009. In conjunction with the BIMM Group, The Voice Academy Malta organised a number of Master Classes both locally and in the UK. With pride, The Voice Academy Malta can bolast that a number of students furthered their studies in this same institution.

Past students of The Voice Academy Malta have continued in their singing careers both in Malta and abroad. Just to mention a few Deborah Borg Brincat known as Berne, Amanda Friggieri known as Amelia Hope, Dorothy Bezzina, Tezera Eve Camilleri , Francesca Galea known as Chess and others. Students that still attend The Voice Academy Malta who are already making a name locally are Shaun Zaffarese and her sister Cythnia Zaffarese, Esther Spiteri, Shania Sciberras, Lara Refalo, Sarah Camilleri, Charlene Cardona, Nicole Falzon and other budding young performers.

For further information about The Voice Academy Malta and the BIMM group can contact us on 99420022 or visit:-

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