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Shania Sciberras

Shania Sciberras was born on the 26 June in the year 2000. She was born in Rabat Victoria Gozo, and she was raised in Salina in Malta with her family. Her education started at Saint Pauls Primary School Maria Reġina and she carried on to Marija Girls Secondary School Mosta. She did her ‘O’ levels where with doing so she applied for MCAST Collage for the creative Arts where she attended the Performing arts course for a year. After that she continued school by going to Gem16+ to try and get better marks in her ‘O’ levels.

When she turned ten years old in 2010, she started attending singing lessons at the The Voice Academy Malta run by Ivan De Gabriele she kept learning there for 6 years, and at 2007 then moved on to learn at La Voix which is run by Gillian Attard where she did a year.

Shania still remembers her first experience singing in public this was when she was 12 years old and she had taken part in a singing festival called stardust promotions which was held by Martin De Gabriele. At first she felt nervous as it was her first time ever singing infront of an audience but once she was on that stage and the music started she was full of confidence and she remembers till this day that she sang the song "When you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keaten and although she didn’t win, she still went home with a participation trophy.

Shania Sciberras

After this she continued to take part in many more festivals like "ilħna tal-futur singer festival" where she came fourth place, Eurostars International Singers Festival, "Golden Memories" where she came 1st place and "Magic Melody" where she came 5th twice for both songs she sang. Till now shania hasn’t had the opportunity to sing outside of Malta but in the future she hopes she will get a chance , infact she sais that she has applied for the X Factor UK of 2019.

She has taken part in the Voice Academy Annual concerts held by Ivan De Gabriele. she has also sang with the group Rising Sun that is run by Roberta Attard in the occasion of the confermation of Qawra with the band Soċjerta Filarmonica La Vittoria Mellieħa. She also has taken part in a tv program and a local radio program.

Right now she doesn’t play an instrument as she believes that with her songwriting and singing she can express herself just as well. She also took part in drama in secondary where she was in the play ‘My Fair Lady’ and In MCAST she took part of an original play her and her classmates wrote and produced together called ‘The Games Room’.

In January 2019 Shania released her first ever original song "Because of that Day" written by herself and music by Tommy Runn who also produced it at RS Artists London in July 2018 with Shania.

Its her wish to become a famous singer songwriter but she also has a wish to take part in a musical and also be an author and ‘motivational speaker’. Shania at the moment works as a sales Executive at whsmith, she also is a part of the group Rising Sun where she sings at Qawra church with the choir.



Year Songs Lyrics Composer Video
2019 Because of that Day Shania Sciberras Tommy Runn