The Malta Folk Song Contest 1973

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The Malta Folk Song Contest was due to the birth of many Maltese songs today, after so many years have played and bring much nostalgic moments.

This festival was held only three times in 1973, 1974 and in 1976. This festival was organized by Jove Enterprises and organizational board was formed by John Portelli , Joe P. Portelli, Vanni Pulé and Mary Anne Xuereb that time was his girlfriend, now his wife.

After the committee had also service of Mro. Anthony Chircop, Philip Xuereb, Charles Coleiro and Mario Serracino-Inglott.

This festival was organized with the coperation of the Malta Government Tourist Board and Maltese Programmes fan Club of Canada in conjunction with the travel agency Alpine Travel under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Hon. Dr. Joseph Cassar B.A. LL.D.

The winner was awarded a trophy awarded by the Tourist Board, was It represents the folk and traditional instruments, design of Gerald Falzon and constructed by the firm F.Abela Sons.

The purpose of this folk festival to promote local writers to those of the original songs Maltese.

The winner of the festival had the opportunity to go to Canada to sing maltese emigrants. While the first two songs are recorded on a disc also classified.

The Festival

For this festival were submitted a total of 47 song of which 15 of them were selected for the final. And this first edition was held on 17 November 1973 in the Chameleon Hall of the Hotel Corinthia at Ħal Attard.

Organizing Committee

John Portelli Joe P Portelli Vanni Pule Mary Anne Xuereb

Final Phase

Here are the 15 Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music
01 Claire Anastasi Il-Lift tal-Barrakka George Stevens Joe Tanti
02 Valerie Navarro Ma Nafx Għaliex Valerie Navarro Valerie Navarro
03 Enzo Gusman It-Tfajla ta’ l-Irdum Alfred C. Sant & Margaret Grech Ray Agius
04 Renato Micallef Int u Jien Flimkien Frank O'Neill Frank O'Neill
05 The Checkmates M’Hemmx Għalfejn Ħafna Kliem Frank O'Neill Frank O'Neill
06 Monica Cremona Leħen Fi Rdum George Zammit Ineż Lombardo
07 Mary Rose Mallia Rajt Joe Tanti Joe Tanti
08 Marika Bugeja Bi Tbissima Valerie Navarro Valerie Navarro
09 Carmelo Borg L-Art Imwiegħda Paul Caruana Paul Caruana
10 Greenfields M’Għadekx Tara George Stevens Joe Tanti
11 Carmen Vella & Martin Vella Iż-Żernieq George Stevens Paul Caruana
12 New Courey Ir-Raħal Evarist Bartolo Joe S.Grech
13 Sħab Profeta Michael Zammit Godfrey Vella
14 Joe Agius & The Songstress Maskri Joe Agius George Cassola
15 Tony Camilleri Il-Karozzin George Stevens Joe Tanti

The Orchestra

The Orchestra was composed by eleven eliments under the direction of Mro. Anthony Chircop the members were Joseph Corrado flute, Spiridione Azzopardi OBOE, Andrew Colerio Bass Clarinet, Tony Pace Guitar, Tony Zammit Bass, Alfred Demicoli drums, Edmond Joseph Zarb piano, George Spiteri, Joseph Galea, Armando Abela and Guido Mamo violins.


Special Guest

During interval till the results was known there where a spectacular show by the Viva Malta Dancers with choreographer by George Zahra.


No Singers Songs Lyrics Music
01 Joe Agius & The Songstress Maskri Joe Agius George Cassola
02 Tony Camilleri Il-Karozzin George Stevens Joe Tanti
03 Carmelo Borg L-Art Imwiegħda Paul Caruana Paul Caruana

Other Winners

Festival Best Singer was Mary Rose Mallia with the song Rajt and she win the flight for Canada.


In the Presentation the trophies where presented by the Ministry of Education and Culture Dr. Joseph Cassar, B.A. LL.D and Mr John Pollaco the chairman of Malta Government Tourist Board.


The comperes of the festival was Josephine Zammit Cordina and Charles Coleiro.

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