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Tony Pace

Tony Pace born on 4 June, 1946. He comes from Ħamrun. He is a classic guitarist.

He is married to Carme and got two children Sandro and Alison.

Started playing the guitar during the last years of the fifties and during the sixties started playing with local bands, and dance bands. In 1966 he was invited to play in a London Night Club and also while there took a few jazz lessons,

During the seventies he started to study the Classical Guitar at first alone and after with sponsors from The Maltese and Austrian government and the British Council. He studied with the American classical guitarist Gregory Bonneberger and attended several summer classical guitar courses in England with Leading classical guitarist such as Chris Kilvington, John Duarte and from Venezuela Alirio Diaz.

In Malta Tony studied Theory and Harmony with, Mro.Carmelo Pace, Mro.Carmelo Schembri and Mro.Charles Zammit and solvego with Mro. Freddie Mizzi.

In 1971 he join the Armed Forces Of Malta as a bandsman, playing guitar and flute.

For several years he was a teacher at the National School Of Music and from 1992 – 1995. Tont was a classical guitar tutor at the Mediterranean Institute / University Of Malta.

Tony Pace

During this period he opened his guitar studio for students who wanted to study the guitar, Classical or Electric and also lessons on theory and improvisation.

During all these years besides teaching he was playing with bands and as a soloist in Hotels and Night Clubs and also doing TV and Radio Programs as a performer and educational TV programs.

At the moment he playing solo guitar at different restaurants and hotels including the Hilton and produce a Radio program on Radju Malta called Jazz Styles besides from time to time he perform on the TV.

Besides playing in Malta, he also play in England. Sicily, France, Greece, Ireland. Can Cun in Mexico and Brussels. For ten years he thought guitar and music topics to visually impaired students.

Obtained an ALCM, and LLCM (TD) diplomas in Classical guitar playing and teaching from the London College Of Music.

In 1986 Tony was awarded by the President Of Malta at that time Miss Agata Barbara the Phoenicia Cultural Award,

In 1997 he was accepted as a member of the England RGT (Registry Of Guitar Tutors). And at 2006 Loyal Service Award from Thames Valley University London.

My Repertoire consist of music from the Renaissance to Rock, Italian tunes. Tunes from films and musicals. Standard numbers, Latin American tunes, Bossa Nova, Pop tunes, Spanish tunes and Maltese tunes.