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Singer Stage Festival 2013


The KK ProductionKeith Pace - Manager and Priscilla Psaila Kaya – Director will be doing the Second Edition of this festival, last year it was organised for Maltese singers only while this year will be organised for both Maltese and International singers. This festival is going to be held in the City Theatre in the capital city of MaltaValletta on the 8, 9 and 10 November 2013.

The Festival

All singers will sing on half playback. The main voice will be live but the instruments and backing vocals must be recorded.


  • 1. 4 to 6 years old – Section - A
  • 2. 7 to 9 years old – Section - B
  • 3. 10 to 12 years old – Section - C
  • 4. 13 to 15 years old – Section - D
  • 5. 16 years old and over – Section E

The Festival – First Day

8 November, 2013 All Maltese singers will perform and 5 from each Category will pass to participate with foreign singers on the 9th and 10th.

The Festival – Second Day

9 November, 2013 All foreign and Maltese singers will perform their 1st song The song can be in any language can be original or cover version (you’re their singer own choice) And not longer than 4m.30s. On this night all singers will be judged but there will not be any results

The Festival – Third Day

10 November, 2013 All foreign and Maltese singers will perform their 2nd song. The song must be different from the song performed the day before. The song can be in any language, can be original or cover version (that the singer choice ). Not longer than 4m.30s.

On this night all singers will be judged again. The points from the 9 November and from the 10 November will be add together and the final result will be out.

Rehersals for both songs will be in the morning on the 8 or 9 November.


Every participant will be given a certificate

01) 1st place , 2nd place and 3rd place will be given in every section.

02) Singer Stage Overall Winner – this trophy will be given for the singer with the highest points and 200 euros.

03) The escflashmalta Award which will be given by the he www.escflashmalta.come originated with the concept of covering the music scene in Malta with an indepth outlook on the participation within the Eurovision Song Contest, keeping readers up to date with all of the latest news, updates, coverage, interviews and more. In recent months, and most notably over the past year, the portal has opened up to covering all of the aspects of the local music scene and in such a manner, could grow in promoting new talent which is being covered every year through minor and major competitions. Ultimately, it is being presented as a tool which brings about the news to everyone through the internet with special thanks to the EXOR Group who proudly sponsor the project.


During interval till the judges get the fnal results their where entertainment by Kurt Calleja along with upcoming band; The Madhatters will be special guests of the final two nights of the competition.

The Jury

There will be a Jury from every country but none of the jury can vote for their own country. Jury will vote with the total of 50 points on voice and interpretation. Their will be only the head of jury that will vote for every participants with points for example 50.23 or 50.40 or 50.37 so we will avoid singers to have the same points.

The first jury comprised of former Malta Eurovision Song Contest participants; Rosman Pace, and Nadine Bartolo as well as four time Bay Music Award recipient, Christabelle Borg, Ryan Borg, Ramona Galea and Josmar Gatt was represented on the panel by the editor Marc Calleja Bayliss as Head of Jury.

The Winners

Singer Stage 2013- International Festival – 2 nd Edition.

Gran Prix Winner: Destiny Chukunyere

Category – A (From 4 to 6 years)

No Performers Song
01 Neil Sant
02 Kelsey Attard
03 Elisa Muscat

Category – B (From 7 to 9 years)

No Performers Song
01 Eliana Gomes Blanco
02 Shania Borg
03 Melanya Micallef

Category – C (From 10 to 12 years)

No Performers Song
01 Rutger Scicluna Galea
02 Aidan Jay Drakard
03 Catinca Popa (Romania)

Category – C (From 13 to 15 years)

No Performers Song
01 Mirta Krisniki (Croatia)
02 Naomi Roberts
03 Chantelle Abela & Giulia Fredianelli (Italy)

Category – E (From 16 Over)

No Performers Song
01 Yvonne Mondany (Italy)
02 Mattei Curmi
03 Graziella Vella

The Comperes

The event, taking place at the City Theatre in Valletta, just a couple of kilometres away from the Mediterranean Conference Centre is being hosted by a foursome of comperes; Ronald Briffa and Svetlana Muscat for Friday and Sunday with Jade Cini and Owen Bonnici taking care of the proceedings on Saturday evening.

A foreign jury will be taking shape during the rest of the weekend as artists are selected from each of the respective categories. The focus of the editorial team will be on just one artist, who will receive the Award which in 2012 was awarded to Alexia Fenech.

Former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Kurt Calleja along with upcoming band; The Madhatters will be special guests of the final two nights of the competition. Stay tuned to this portal for all of the latest news.