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Mro. Raymond Sant

Mro. Raymond Sant L.Mus.LCM; was born in Siġġiewi on 17 October 1955.

He attended Siġġiewi Primary School and St Joseph Secondary School Paola. For forty years he was employed with a leading Maltese Communications Company where he occupied posts as a Radio Telegraphy Operator and later as a Senior Customer Officer.

Since his childhood Raymond had a passion for football. In fact, he played both with the under 16 and minor teams of his home town Siġġiewi. During the 1972 season, when he was 17 years old, he debuted with Siġġiewi FC. A year later he was awarded Siġġiewi FC footballer of the year. He was a regular player with Siġġiewi FC and for them more than 20 years till he retired at the age of 39yrs.

In 1989 Malta Football Association awarded Raymond the 2nd best player in 3rd Division when he played for Qrendi FC. It is worth noting that he was also a regular player with Telemalta Football Team, a very prestigious and talented team with whom he played in Greece and Portugal.

When he was a teenager, he purchased a guitar by which he obtained his primary musical experience.

This was largely a self-taught musical adventure. During the 70’s he used to play guitar, along with his friends at his home village church during mass and also at the youth centre during many social gatherings.

Mro. Raymond Sant

It was at that time that he ventured for a more serious approach towards music. For that reason, he enrolled for practical musical lessons at Każin Banda San Nikola in Siġġiewi. His first tutor was Mro Carmelo Vella. Since Ray already had sound practical and theoretical musical background, so it took him merely six months to be officially confirmed as a regular musician with St. Nicholas Band playing the Baritone Bb. (Althorn) Playing a brass instrument gave him the opportunity to perform with several bands throughout Malta and Gozo especially during the festive seasons. He also had the opportunity to play abroad with several bands such as Soċjeta San Pawl Banda Konti Ruġġieru, Soċjeta Filarmonika Fra Antoine De Paule Banda Kristu Re and Soċjeta Mużikali tal-Karmnu, Balluta.

Mro. Raymond Sant

Recognizing his musical abilities, Mro Carmelo Callus of Siggiewi, encouraged him to delve deeper into musical studies. In fact, under the able guidance of Mro Callus, Ray commenced studying the theory of Music. This led him to make more advanced studies in Harmony and Counterpoint. Mro Callus also urged him also to take piano lessons.

During later years, this time under the supervision of Mro Joseph Vella, Ray successfully acquired also the diploma LMusLCM. (London College of Music).

Raymond believes in long life learning and his passion for music keeps him constantly musically active. Apart from performing, music composition was always one area of music which fascinated him.

To further consolidate in this area of musicianship he studied music composition under the guidance of Mro Raymond Sciberras.

Raymond Sant composed numerous original music compositions. Among these there are works for the orchestra, the pianoforte and contrapuntal works for four voices (SATB). He also composed several traditional festive marches, funeral marches and religious hymns. He also produced a large number of musical arrangements and many of these were in fact performed by Każin Banda San Nikola, Siġġiewi, Anici Band and Social Club, of Ħal-Qormi, Għaqda Mużikali San Gabriel, of Balzan and Soċjeta Mużikali San Ġużepp Ħamrun.

In 2009 he was appointed as Assistant Band Master for Każin Banda San Nikola, Siġġiewi, a post which he still holds. Ray Sant teaches music theory to students and musicians of Każin Banda San Nikola, Siġġiewi.