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Mro. Raymond Sciberras

Mro. Raymond Sciberras F.L.C.M born in CospicuaMalta on December 27, 1962. He is a Bandmaster and wrote many Marches, Hymns and overtures.

He was attracted to music by his hometown’s band when he was still a child. He studied Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Orchestration and History with Profs Mro. Charles Zammit and Mro. Carmelo Pace. Later, he followed an intensive course in Composition with Mro. Pawlu Grech. His academic qualifications consist in the Associateship, Licentiateship and Fellowship in composition from West London University, London College of Music. His compositions in the traditional and modern idioms are set for different media such as wind band serious music, orchestral, chamber, sacred and vocal. In the field of Chamber Music, Raymond Sciberras expresses himself in a more modern style. He employs most of the well-established and renowned 20th century compositional techniques to achieve a subjective mode. However, due to his connection and intensive commitment among local band clubs, he enthusiastically devotes much of his time composing for the wind band. A collection of his early music for wind band was recorded in England by “Doyen Recordings Limited”.

Mro. Raymond Sciberras

Currently his wind band music compositions are being recorded and published by Hafabra of Belgium. Other important large-scale works in his repertoire are the composition and orchestration/instrumentation of the original soundtracks for “Anno Domini XXXIII” which was recorded by the Philharmonia Bulgarica Orchestra and Choir of Sofia and “L-Iskorpjun” which was performed by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in 2012.

His personal inventory also comprises Masses, Cantatas, Oratorios, the publications of the complete cycle of Responsorial Psalms (year A, B and C) for organ choir and soloist, liturgical works, devotional hymns, funeral and festive marches and songs among others.

He is Maestro di Cappella Diacono, teaches music at De La Salle College and shares much of his time teaching, rehearsing and conducting the Għaqda Mużikali Beland of Żejtun and Soċjetà Filarmonika Santa Marija Mosta.