Konkors Kanzunetta Festa San Pawl - 1989

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The Fourth Edition of Konkors Kanzunetta Festa San Pawl – 1989 held at Valletta, it Was decieded to organized another Festival. Konkors Kanzunetta Festa San Pawl – 1989. Held at the Collegiate Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck Valletta on Friday 27 January, 1989.

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee was composed by Hector Bruno as Organizer. Chairman: - Rev. Kon. Fr. Anton Galea Vice-Chairman:- Paul Asciak Rappresentative on be half L-Ghaqda tal-Pawlini:- Paul Spiteri, Louis Attard, and Lino Bartolo.

Technical Staff

Music, Recording and Arrangment: Tony C. Scott Lighting: Mario Camilleri I.T.C Stage Decorations: Għaqda Pawlini Flower Arrangments: A. Enriquez and l.Camilleri Sound: Tony C Scott Light Controll: Tony Valletta Production and Direction: Hector Bruno

The Festival

In this editon taken part ten songs which compited with each other, after the first three songs, there was some poems read by Mrs Scicluna, and the same after the seventh song, there where some poems read by Paul Mifsud.

Singers and Songs

Here are the 10 Maltese Songs taken part in this Festival:-

Songs Performers Lyrics Composer
Jekk Tarani fil-Bieb Marthese Tanti Carmen Falzon Carmen Falzon
Il-Virtu’ ta’ l-Imħabba Phyllisienne Brincat Paul Micallef Phyllisienne Brincat
Tibzax Godwin Lucas Victor Fenech Victor Fenech
Pawlu Ġawhra fi Qlub il-Maltin Olivia Camilleri Carmel Bianchi Doreen Galea
Pawlu Doreen Galea Philip Farrugia Randon Sammy Galea
Kien Għadu u Jibqa’ Kor San Pawl Nawfragu Rev.Matthew Magri Spiro Zammit
Ittra Mingħand San Pawl Josette Camilleri Carmen Dimech Carmelo Zammit
O Għażiż San Pawl Missierna Manolito Galea Dominic Galea Dominic Galea
F’Ġieħ San Pawl Susan Borg Manwel Haber Carmelo Zammit
Grazzi Adelina Attard Paul Micallef Eileen Micallef

The Jury

The Judges for this editon where [[ ]], [[ ]], [[ ]], [[ ]] and [[ ]].

The Prizes

There where as prizes as cash money sponsors by some companies. First Prize was Lm 100 Second Prize was Lm 50 Third Prize was Lm 25 Trophy for the Best Lyrics Trophy for the Best Interpretation All the prizes and the Konkors Kanzunetta San Pawl ‘ 1989 where sponsor by ‘San Paolo’, l-Inbid tal-Hbieb.

The Winners

Here are the Maltese Songs in featured in the final:-

No Songs Performers Lyrics Composer


Before the presentation Josette Camilleri sing the 1988 winning song Mis-Sema Qed Jarana, after Mr. Charles A.Bellia made his address to the present audrence, W,R. Kon. Anton Galea made his message too, after it was annouced the winners, and was presented the winning prizes and certificates, sung the winner song and all finished by the National Maltese Altem.

Festival Comperes

The Presenters of this Fouth Edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Festa San Pawl -1989 for the first time where George Micallef and Inez Farrugia. The stage director and producer was Hector Bruno, why the stage decoration was under the hand of Għaqda Pawlini, Light design b y Mario Camilleri of I.T.C, Theatre Light Tony Valletta, Flower arrangments by A.Enriquez and L.Camilleri, Music, Recording and Arrangment and Sound by Tony C. Scott. Light Controll: Tony Valletta, Production and Direction: Hector Bruno