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Joe Borg

Joe Borg born at 5 December, 1948, in Sliema, Malta, He is a Maltese actor, playwright, scriptwriter, director and producer of many biblical pageants, humorous videos and other drama work.

He is married to Mary, née Attard, ans went to live in Mosta, they got two daughters, Cynthia born in 1973 and Alison, born in 1979 wife of Duncan Abela. Joe, now is retired, after 42 years employed with the Mizzi Organisation.


Borg has acted in several plays throughout his life. His artistic career spans more than fifty-five years. He made his stage debut, at the age of ten, at the Gzira Primary School, supervised by his school teacher Mr Vanni Riolo (A popular maltese actor). In 1964 he took part in a Christmas pageant and in the seventies and following years he went on stage with various popular theatrical companies such as the Stage Dragons, Msida Goldoni, Ħamrun Dramatic Company. In the last twenty years Joe Borg performed for Gżira Pageant and Drama Groups, Talenti Jien u l-Oħrajn, Oratorju Qalb ta’ Ġesu’, Karattri and Bronk Productions Ltd. Most of the programmes where performed at the Manoel Theatre, the Catholic Institute Theatre, Deporres Hall, Sala Dun Edgar and a number of local village theatres, amongst which the Oratorju Qalb ta’ Ġesu’ in Mosta.


Sixties:- Performed in humorous plays at the Gżira Catholic Action Hall, and in the first organised pageant produced by Mr Riolo, Joe played the main part of St. Joseph.

Seventies:- Joe performed in :- Il-Qalb li ma felhitx aktar and Ġuda written by Fr.Harry Born at The Deporres Hall Sliema. Other popular scripts perfomed in other halls and theatres were :- Bint il-Bojja, Żewġ Baħrin u Kuġina, Is-Sigriet tal-Qrar. Il-Wirt ta’ Stanford, Minix Miġnun, It-Tieni Mara, Dik l-Imgħarqa ta’ Kunjata, Bla Ħtija, Islifni l-mara, Ninsab l-infern. In the late seventies, Joe took part in the first biblical passion pageant written by himself. The live play was organise at Burmarrad church and Joe played the part of Jesus.

Eighties:- Between 1980 and 1986 Joe Borg wrote directed and played part in the two biblical pageants perfomred at the Gżira Parish Church and named :- Il-Miġja Tal-Feddej Joe Borg played Zacharias. (1980) Miet Għalina, Played Barabbas. In 1982 at the Speranza Valley, Joe Borg took part in Marija a biblical play produced by Joe Quattromani, while with Ifraħ u Ferraħ Drama Co Joe played the major part of the count in Bint il-Ħtija (1983) Joe played 'Judas' in Ecce Homo (1983), Int Fejn Sejjer (1984) and in (1986). Marcellino Hobz u Nbid part played by Joe (Fra Porta). (1989) In 1989-1990 Joe Borg performed at the Catholic Institute in the controversial script by Ġuże’ Diacono, Il-Madonna Taċ-Ċoqqa directed by Joe Quattromani.

Nineties:- Oratorju Qalb ta’ Ġesu` Joe played Dun Mikiel Xerri in Qalbiena written by Dun Ġwann Abela. (1990) in Angela (1991) , Il-Fidi r-Rebħa (1992). Hobson’s Choice (1994), It-Tajra li ġiet lura writen by Alfred C. Sant (1995), in Il-Ġiddieb by Carlo Goldoni. (1995) At the Manoel Theatre, Joe Borg performed in :- Żwieġ bil-Bolli by Carlo Goldoni, and Don Juan of Moliere (1996) directed by Joe Quattromani. Ħielsa a passion play where Joe Borg played Simon Peter (1996). With Talenti directed by Mario Micallef Joe Borg took part in these gems written by William Shakespeare, and perfectly translated to Maltese by the famous Maltese great writer Alfred Palma.

Il-Kummiedja tal-Izbalji (Comedy of Errors) Joe Borg played Solinus the Duke at the Manoel theatre. (1997). L-Imqarba mmansata (Taming of the Shrew) Borg played Battist Minola, the father of the two ladies (1998). Joe Borg played the part of the baker the mysterious murderer, a tragedy written by Eduardo di Filippo named Is-Sindku (1998). Romeo u Ġulietta at the Manoel Theatre Joe played Montecchio, Romeo’s father. (1999). Again with Talenti, Rewwixta written by Oliver Friggieri, and performed at Fort St. Elmo where Joe Borg played Hompesch and also the part of a domenican father fucilised by French soldiers.(1999). While during the same year, Joe joined Bronk Productions for the first time, taking part in Madre Theresa at the Catholic Institute. The story was written by Frederick Camilleri, and directed by Pawlu Micallef. Borg played the part of the Police Inspector. Qalb Ta’ Kampanjol written by Alfred C. Sant was performed at the Oratorju Qalb ta’ Gesu’ and directed by Tonio Vella (il--Majsi). Joe Borg played the main part of the popular Maquis. (1999).

Joe Borg – as – Simon Peter

Years 2000-2014:- Joe Performed for Bronk Productions:- Ġuda and Stilla tal-Bigilla, at the Catholic Institute. (2000) Il-Merkant ta’ Venezja (The Merchant of Venice) Borg played the Duke, again at the Manoel Theatre. While in Invazzjoni at the Argotti Gardens he played il-Balliju and Canon Caruana. (2000) In Macbeth at the Manoel Joe Borg played the doctor.(2001) In Bronk Productions scripts, Joe Borg performed in :- Il-Liġi taż-Żwieġ miksura written by Vitorin Galea Joe played a main part of a 'Chinese', in Barabbas he played 'Simon Peter' in Divorzju Bi Prova originated by Lino Grech, he played in 'Nannu Karm', and in Toni Bajjada l-Eroj Tal-Assedju l-Kbir where Joe Borg played the part of the priest.

In 2002 Joe Borg played in :- Ben Hur played 'Baltazar', in Il-Majsi u l-mara tal-Ministru playing the Minister, while in Robin Hood he played the 'Bishop'. (2003) In Rapunzell Għall-Eurovision a Chritmas pantomime (2004-2005) Hekk Sejra...skond id-daqqa nisfnu with Karattri under the direction of the great teacher Lino Grech, Joe Borg played the main part of 'Anteru'. (2005). Frifet u Barrin with Joe Borg played the main part of the father.(2006). In Qalb ta’ Kampanjol he played the priest. (2006). Majsi u l-Fiera tal-Kappillan and L-Imbrolji tal-Kunjata all performances held at the Catholic Institute Floriana. (2007) Agħtini l-għajnuna re the life of St. Ġorġ Preca. Joe played Vincenzo Preca (2007). Feliċ u s-seher tal-Barnuza Joe Borg played the parish priest. Gawdenz w il-Miss Word Competition Borg playing 'Pedro', a Spanish hotel owner. (2008). Il-Miġja tal-Feddej Joe performed 'Xmun' the old shepherd.(2008). Stilla tal-Bigilla part played 'Kmandant tal-armata'. (2009). Pinocchio f’Ħaġar Qim Christmas pantomime Joe Borg playing 'Gebbetto'. (2009-2010). Hekk Hu l-Bniedem 2009 Joe Borg playing the blind man of 'Geriko'. (2009) Għimmanu-El Joe performed 'Xmun' the old shepherd (2009) Hekk Hu l-Bniedem 2010 , played the 'Magħtub. (2010) X’Aħna Sbieħ... at B’Kara Oratory written by Ninu Borg and directed by Pawlu Micallef where Joe Borg played the main part.(2010) In L-Aħħar Logħba' at the Catholic Institute and as a fund raising in aid of Puttinu Cares Joe Borg played the village chaplain. (2010) Salvani Zorro Salvani another Christmas pantomime by Bronk Productions at the University theatre Sir Temi Zammit he played Pedro, the dame’s father. (2010-2011). L-Istrina at the Catholic Institute and as another fund raising activity in aid of Puttinu Cares Joe Borg played the village chaplain playing in-nannu 'Bert' the Magistrate. (2011) Snow White u s'7 Deputati another Christmas pantomime by Bronk Productions at the University theatre Sir Temi Zammit, Joe Borg played 'George Pulcinello' one of the Deputati. (2011-2012). Waslet is-Siegħa by Bronk Productions Joe Borg playing St. Peter. (2012). In Patta Para Patta and Pina u Nina two Bronk productions comedies at the Catholic Institute where Joe Borg performed two important characters. (2014) Radio: Joe Borg also took part in plays and programmes on Cable Radio ([[Rediffusion]) and the University Radio.

Television: Between the years 2000 -2013 Joe Borg took part in various TV shows and sitcoms viz. Villa Sunset on TVM. Directed by Lino Farrugia. Joe Borg played the part of the Parish Priest. (2000-2001). F’San Valentinu Titbissem u tfieq on Net T.V. Directed by Mario Micallef u sar fuq NET T.V. Joe Borg played the part of a Chinese.

F’Baħar Wieħed on Net T.V. written by Lino Grech u directed and screened by Charles Stroud. Joe Borg played Ġinu, Ġoma’s second husband. (2002-2003). Ingroppi on Net T.V. written by Lino Grech u directed and screened by Charles Stroud. Joe Borg played iz-Ziju 'Manwel', a main part in the teleserial.

(2004-2005) Pupi on Net T.V. Written by Joseph A. Cachia and directed by Charles Stroud, Joe Borg played the Police Inspector (2006-2007). Intriċċi on Smash T.V. Part played 'Pietru' while Joe Borg, took part in Siġġill tal-Qrar as the Magistrate on Net.T.V.

(2008) Qedgħin Sew on Super One T.V. Filmed by Bronk Productions and scripted by Domenic Said, Joe Borg played 'Nuħħalu' Sunta’s husband.

(2009) Nies Bħalna on One T.V. Filmed by Bronk Productions and scripted again by Domenic Said, Joe Borg played BEN, Frida Cauchi’s husband. Riħ Isfel on Net T.V. Written by Pierre Mejlaq and directed by Charles Stroud, Joe Borg played the part of Ġanni, a retarded bachelor, caused by accident. (

2010-2011) Joe Borg perfomed also in Delitti Maltin, Iħiersa, Missjoni Fit-tbissima ta’ Rosann and also in various religious programmes produced by CAM.

Deja Vu on Net T.V. Written and directed by Eileen Montesin. Joe Borg played the part of TEDDY. (2013-2014) Cinema: Joe Borg acted in locally produced films Qerq (2007), Xrar by Bronk Productions (2010), Paul of Tarsus (2009) and Il-bniedem ta’ Kulħadd (2010).

Scripts and Direction: From 1978 onwards Joe Borg wrote and directed several plays and pageants, as well as humourous videos. These are the names :- Miet Għalina and Il-Madonna Purtinara (1978-1979) Il-Miġja Tal-Feddej Miet Għalina Eċċe Homo.

(1980 to 1986) Joe Borg Scripted Wenzu u Rozi 1,2,3, (3 videos) Ġaħan u l-Ħbieb and directed also The Holy week in Mosta 1994 and Feast of the Assumption 1995. together with Mr Joe Bartolo.

(1991 to 1995) Joe Borg wrote and directed Il-Miġja Tal-Feddej 2008, Hekk Hu l-Bniedem 2009, Għimmanu-El 2009, Hekk Hu l-Bniedem 2010. Joe shared direction with Mr Robert Pulis. Għimmanu-El 2011, Għimmanu-El 2012 Directed with Mr Sandro Attard, and Mr Noel Cesare. Joe Borg wrote Il-Ġrajja Tal-Madonna Tal-Ġebla 2012 performed in front of the Gżira Parish Church. Direction Joe Borg together with Mr Noel Cesare and Mr Robert Pulis.(2012). The Good Shepherd 2014 Passion play written by Joe Borg and directed by Mr Sandro Attard.

Only Script Writing by Joe Borg .

L-Aħħar Ċena (2003) L-Aħħar Ġimgħa ta’ Ġesu’ and Il-Miġja Tal-Feddej (2004, u 2005). Hekk Hu l-Bniedem 2006-2008 and Il-Miġja Tal-Feddej 2006 – 2008, (2006) Ghimmanu-El 2010,Hekk Hu l-Bniedem 2011 and Ghimmanu-El 2011 (2011), Behold The Man 2012 (2012) Jien It-Triq, Il-Verita’ l-Ħajja(2013), Il-Kappillan Qaddis Tal-Gżira Dun Karlu Manche 2013 written by and directed by Mr Robert Pulis assisted by Mr Noel Cesare. (2013) Karmelo Borg Pisani A Hero or a Traitor ? and St. Lucy, a Virgin and Martyr of Christ scripted by Joe Borg and donated to Mtarfa Drama Group. (2013)

Other pending works. Joe Borg has written also two religious productions which shall be produced in the near future:-. 1) A biblical 14 Episode Telesrial named Jiena t-Triq il-Verita, il-ħajja written by Joe Borg to be filmed and donated as philantropic aid to either Community Chest Fund or Puttinu Cares. (2010-2011) 2) Il-Laptu Tal-Karmelu –Tarka Ghal Min Jilbsu written by Joe Borg and prepared for the Gzira Drama Group to be performed before the 2015 Gzira Mount Carmel feast.