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Tonio Vella

Tonio Vella (born 27 August 1962) is an actor from Naxxar.

He began his theatrical career in 1977 with a group of people at the Naxxar Parish Centre, a group which still survives to the day.

The first time Tonio played a part on stage was not planned. An actor felt ill and Tonio was asked by the director to do it himself. Tonio was very shy and refused, but on the director's insistence, accepted and did it well. Since then, he never looked back. Tonio Vella better known as Majsi, acts on radio, tv, stage productions and a number of videos with Elio Lombardi who originated the popular character of Majsi.

Although Tonio is popular for his comic characters, is also a good actor in serious parts. He played the part of Padre Pio, and was part of dramas such as Dun Ġorġ Preca, Mother Teresa, Mgr. De Piro, Bernardette Soubirous and a number of passion plays where he interprets the part of Jesus Christ. Tonio worked under several directors including Lino Grech, Joe Izzo, John Suda, Joe Quattromani, Żep Camilleri and others. He acted in several theatres around Malta and Gozo, including Manoel Theatre, at the Catholic Institute, St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, as well as Aurora and Astra Theatre in Victoria Gozo.

Tonio Vella

In 1992 Tonio won the 'Best Actor Award' competition by the Malta Cine Circle Amateur film with a part in Mela Darba written by Elio Lombardi and in 2007 won the Best Supporting Actor Award-act Comedy in the Malta Television Awards. In addition to drama, Tonio likes singing and actually worked in a number of Operetti and Musicals. He also sings with several choirs particularly with Jubilate Deo of Naxxar and has been doing so since its inception in 1977.

Tonio was invited several times to give performances abroad. In 2001 he participated in Malta Day which is organized each year on 8 September in London. In 2002, in 2004 and in 2011 he was invited by the Maltese community in Australia to give shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and was very well welcomed by the Maltese living in that continent. He also gave shows in Tunisia and Sicily.

Apart from the theatre, Tonio also acted in a number of television series including Il-Kerrejja, Ħal Bla Ras, Qegħdin Sew, Is-Sur Gawdenz Bilocca, Fredu l-Fra, Boxxla Xjaten, Midinbin, La Morna Morna and others. He also directed the play Idejn il-Vjolinista of Alfred C. Sant, the first series of Marvin by Mark Calleja and comic series Boxxla Xjaten Joe A Cachia shown on TV stations.

Tonio Vella was in charge of the Maltese film Xrar (Sparks) that was shown in all local cinemas. He also gives several shows for charity and regularly goes to children's and elderly homes to entertain the residents.

Tonio Vella is married to Josephine and they have two children.

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