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Dream? is a 1974 rock opera by David Agius, Joey Chircop, and Anton Grech. It is held as the first ever rock opera to be written and performed in Malta.

It was premiered at the Teatru Manoel in Valletta on 4, 5 & 6 October 1974.

The musical arrangements and orchestra conductor was Joseph Vella, the choreography was by Mary Rose Debono, while Mario Ascione was the stage director.


Attempting to bring to light a number of social problems facing contemporary youths, Dreams? neither condemns nor praises the various situations portrayed. The rock opera merely asks: "is all this really happening today?" leaving it for each individual to answer the question.

The story centers around a 25-year old youth called Dreamer who has been marooned for 20 years on a deserted island with an old sailor, Ben, who had also been marooned there some years earlier. Ben taught Dreamer all he knew before he died, leaving him on his own. Dreamer goes to sleep on Ben's grave and his dream begins. He dreams of going out into the world to find out for himself all that old Ben had told him. He first meets a group of rejectors who are leaving the world because of what's happening.

Act I

Scene One: Dreamer Next To Ben's Grave
Scene Two: Meeting With The Rejectors of The World
Scene Three: Garden of Eden


Act II

Scene Four: In The Man-Made City
Scene Five: Entering The Discotheque
Scene Six: Meeting with Harold Fry



Scene Seven: Meeting The Arab, Jew, Catholic and Protestant
Scene Eight: Meeting the Beggar (Ben)
Scene Nine: Meeting The Demonstrators
Scene Ten: Back On The Island

The End

Principal roles and original cast

Dreamer: Enzo Gusman
Pusher: Bayzo
Ben: Renato Micallef
Harold Fry: Ninu Bartolo
Junkie: Natalie Micallef

Rejections and Demonstrators

Godwin BorgJoseph BorgMaria ChircopJanet ChircopAnthony CassarMarthese CortisCatherine CortisPeter BaldacchinoTania D’UgoVince DalliJosette GrechSylvio MizziJanet MifsudVince MifsudDoreen ScottRay SultanaRose SciclunaEmm. SalfiaBernardette WismayerCharles ZammitJoe VassalloPeter Borg


Mary Rose Debono – Dominic PooleEtta MizziDenis BartoloMarion EbejerOscar CurmiCharles ZammitLoraun Gafa’Paul MifsudJoseph BorgAnna FarrugiaFrank CamilleriCeline Portelli


Led by Joseph Vella:

Anton Grech – Lead Guitar
Henry Spiteri – Bass Guitar
Freddie Scicluna – Rhythm Guitar
Joe Camilleri l-Peace – Drums
Charles "City" Gatt – Drums
Ray Agius – Organ & Piano


Stage Manager – George Schiro
Stage and Dress Design – Joe Micallef
Sound System – Joe Debono
Stage and Sound Effects – Tony Parnis
Stage Make-Up – Mario Azzopardi and Charles Stroud
Hairstyles (Protagonist) – Manuel (Village Gossip)
Wigs and Hairstyes (Rejectors and Demonstrators) – Denis and George of Dragonara Saloon
Promoters – Denis Bartolo, Joe Micallef and Carmel Galea

Manoel Theatre staff

Booking Clerk – Maria Bugeja Electrician – Vanni Laus Stage Carpenters – E.Dalli, F.Mifsud, and J.Azzopardi

Souvenir booklet

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page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6