Diana; Queen of Hearts

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Diana; Queen of Hearts is an original musical from Malta written in 1999 about the life of Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997). The musical is written by Joe Julian Farrugia with music by Joe Brown. Produced by Kumpanija Teatru Rjal, the musical was performed for a number of times at the Oracle Theatre in Qawra, and then at the Catholic Institute Auditorium in Floriana.


The musical kicks off with the official announcement of the engagement between Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, the heir to the throne. From the start, the young sweetheart is already continuously shadowed by the press. Her charming personality makes her the new public darling. As a result of her marriage she becomes the country’s future queen.

But formality at the palace is too much for a Princess who loves to mingle with people. She admits this with Nick, a member of the press who is ever-present at her public occasions. Her drawing nearer to the crowds on many occasions takes the limelight from her husband, the heir to the throne. Charles accuses her of being too much of a mannequin. After continuous reports by the press claiming extra marital love affairs, the couple’s separation is announced. The public shows endless support to Diana both before and after their official divorce. She keeps on touring the ever-adorable crowds showing her their love, without herself having a love for her own.

When the news of her sudden death arrives at the Palace, everyone is expected to remain silent without any show of sorrow, but Charles is enraged and heavily grieved. The public shows its respects to their deceased dearest. On hearing the alleged role of the press in her death, they are furious at the journalists trying to report the proceedings. They also protest at the monarchy’s lack of homage.

Finally, the Queen addresses the country, and at the most fitting funeral, the public turns out to pledge its love for Diana, who although was never given the chance to become queen, will forevermore be the Queen in the people’s hearts.



Overture instrumental
London Town Nick & Pressmen
Diana ­ So much love to give Charles & Diana
Hustle in Town Nick
Wedding March People
Headlines Nick & People
In the Crowds Diana & People
The Children’s Song Children from among the crowds
Formality Diana & Nick
The Struggle Charles & Diana
An Odd Marriage Diana
The Break­up Queen, Prince Philip, Queen Mother, Charles and Diana
The People’s Support People
Divorce Queen, Prince Philip & Queen Mother
Alone Diana


Humanity Nick & pressmen
The News Queen, Prince Philip & Charles
Royal Tears Queen Mother, Charles, William and Harry
People’s Respects People
The Protest People, Nick & Pressmen
Queen’s Address Queen
Funeral March instrumental
Final Elegy People
Queen of Hearts Diana & People


Character Singer
Diana, Princess of Wales Karen Polidano
Nick Lawrence Gray
Prince Charles Mark Doneo
Queen Elizabeth II Leontine
Prince William (grown-up) Andrew Zahra
Prince Harry (grown-up) Christian Arding
Member of the Public 1 Miriam Christine Borg
Member of the Public 2 Ludwig Galea
Member of the Public 3 Julie Zahra
Member of the Public 4 Patrick Vella
Child 1 Amy Brown
Child 2 Brendan Borg
Child 3 Julie Pomorski