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Miriam Christine

Miriam Christine Borg Warner is a Maltese pop and rhythm and blues singer best known for representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996.Born in Santo Antônio do Descoberto,Goiás, Brazil but raised on the Mediterranean island of Gozo, Miriam Christine was destined to hit the big time. At the age of 6, she was introduced to singing and piano lessons. She took to listening to soul music but was also disposed to listening to various other styles- from Beethoven, Mozart, and such jazz greats as Marian McPartland, Oscar Peterson, Fats Waller and of course jazz singers like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross were also big inspirations as were latter day talents like Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, and Alicia Keys. She took all of those different genres of music and rolled them all into one, to create a style all her own.

The road to success wasn't an easy one. Raised in the small island of Gozo, she had an idyllic upbringing but then this was in total contrast to the rhythm and blues ambiance of New York or Detroit or even San Francisco. On the other hand, it helped Miriam Christine to project a different approach to rhythm and blues. She took to singing and took part in various festivals before eventually winning the Song for Europe Festival and representing Malta in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest with the song In A Woman’s Heart.

Miriam Christine

In 1996 the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Oslo. Malta had high hopes on Miriam Christine. In fact, more than 100 Maltese fans were in the Spectrum Theater for the big night. The video clip of the song In a Woman's Heart, written by Paul Abela and Alfred C. Sant, was fresh and modern. On the night of the contest the young singer was also modern and fresh, wearing a Benetton outfit and accompanied on stage by 3 backing vocalists-one of whom was Georgina Abela, the wife of the composer and actually a former contestant herself.

In the beginning of the voting Malta was among the top 5 with great chances of victory. However, the Maltese entry did not get so many points as the night went by, eventually ranking 10th place with 68 points.

In 1998 her debut album was in the stores. It was entitled Smile and Shine and it was full of rhythm and blues and African American influences. She also furthered her studies in music and found a job with "Education 22", the state education channel. She continued to produce albums and she is considered to be Malta's one and only r'n'b singer. She is also the composer of most of her songs. In 2008 she made one of her biggest dreams come true, by forming The Gozo Children’s Choir. She also gave big concerts during the Malta Gay Pride and she was the winner of the popular television contest Malta Hit Song Contest, which is aired on OneTv. Her entry was entitled Alone Today and nowadays the singer along with her team is working on a video clip which will accompany the official release of the single to the local market.

On the 9 November 2013 Miriam Christine took part in the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 2013 and win the Best Interpretation Award.

On 7 th February 2014 Miriam Christine particepated in the Semi-Final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song Safe, but she did'nt made it to the Final on the 8 th February, 2014.

On 15 th.March, 2014 Miriam Christine particepated in the 38th Edition of the Festival Għanja tal-Poplu and finish in the third place when she sing together with Olivia Lewis the song 'Minn Wara l-Kanċell' lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia and composor by Miriam Christine herself which in the song played the piano and sing.

In July 2016 Miriam Christine took part in the L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2006 – (Festival Kanzunetta Maltija) with the song Ngħidlek lyricis by Joe Julian Farrugia and composed by herself. She passed from the Semi-Final held on Thursday 7 July, 2016 she passed for the Final Night held on Saturday 9 July, 2016 with this song.



  • Smile and Shine 1998
  • L'Emigrant 2002
  • Little Zee 2004


  • In a Woman's Heart 1996
  • Reptile Lover 2002
  • Hold On 2004
  • What We Really Mean 2004
  • Hush 2004
  • Synchrnised 2004
  • Mystery Mama 2004

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