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Mro. Ronnie Debattista

Mro Ronnie Debattista was born in 1957 at Msida. He comes from a family of renowned musicians and searched in the area scene. Took the first training with his father Victor when he started learning the clarinet and came ringing with the Għaqda Mużikali Melita. Between 1976 and 1985 he was part of the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta.

At 17-year-old joined the Soċjeta Filarmonika King's Own which lasted 17 years as a soloist with the same hand. Over the years built up a good reputation and was regularly asked by many bands to give his service. His ambitions mexxewh to continue studying, so under the direction of Professor Mro. Charles Zammit progressed in areas of theory, harmony and music history to come A.Mus obtain the diploma. and L.Mus. by the College of Music in London. In 1991 obtained the Fellowship Composition having trained under Mro. Paul Grech.

Ronnie Debattista began with Każin San Ġiużepp u Banda De Rohan in 1983 as a teacher of anglers instruments and Assistant Head. In 1990 he was appointed bandmaster of the Każin San Ġiużepp, Banda, De Rohan. It was also Head to Każin Banda Santa Marija of Mosta between 1986 and 1993, Każin tal-Banda San Piju X at Ħal-Lija between 1989 and 1995 and the Soċjeta Filarmonika Sliema between 2002 and -2012.

The Headmaster Debattista composed a number of works that have been performed by many bands. These include "Fanfare and Theme" "Antonio Sciortino Suite" and "Occasional Overture". It also failed to write amount of marches and funeral feast. It remains unknown to us for the People's Hymn to St. Joseph.

Skills Mro Ronnie Debattista seen both in direction as well as compositions of several works who bring him onor. Among these issues is found in the National Contest winner Band to Band by Każin Banda Santa Marija of Mosta in 1989, and again in 1993 with Każin San Ġiużepp, Banda, De Rohan.

In addition to having been very active in the local music scene is always found time to help young conductors who seek advanced musical instruction must.

The Mro Ronnie Debattista married to Michelle Sammut born and have three children, Anthony Gilbert, Jeremy and Ann Therese. Ronnie left this world suddenly on Friday 3 November 2017.