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Marija Bambina Naxxar Victory Band

After the suċċess of the first two singing Festival organized for being celebrated on the occasion of closing the 100 years since the establishment of the Musical Society Marija Bambina Naxxar Victory Band. Held by Domenique Azzopardi with the help of the committee members.

This year was oranize too another festival with the name of Century Voices.

Encouraging by the Society President Dr. Michael Farrugia Century Voices was held again.

The main goal of our Association to enjoy very much and he cherished redouble, and promoted and expanding cultural field. obviously, this dream could not be carried out and be successful without the continued commitment w work to cut anything of members of our own society Domenique Azzopardi assited by others members, who give us a good help to the success of this Festival.

The Festival was held on Sunday 9 April, 2017 at Topaz Hotel in Buġibba.

At the end The President of the Society Dr.Michael Farrugia presented the trophies to all the winners.

Century Voices Festival


The Comperes for the Festival was the promissing singer Kacey Azzopardi daughter of the organizer Domenique Azzopardi and Rutger Scicluna Galea.


The three jury members were: Josephine Ebejer Grech, Joseph Refalo and Dorcas Debono

Table class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" width="370" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" nowrap name="Century Voices Festival">

Category A:- 4 to 6 years.

No Singers Songs Placing
01 Zaira Chetcuti My Boy Lolly Pop
02 Kaya Gouder Curmi Quddiem l-Inkwatru tal-Madonna
03 Lior Schembri Fatti Mandare Dalla Mama
04 Kenzy Abela You Raise Me Up
05 Zaira Chetcuti Tomorrow
06 Kaya Gouder Curmi Zjara lil Gesu'
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Gaia Gambuza Spoonful Of Sugar
02 Kaylee Cutajar Dancing On My Own
03 Natalia Schembri Cup Song
04 Shyann Cutajar Pround Mary
05 Gaia Gambuza Bare Necessities Wanna Be Like You
06 Kaylee Cutajar Twist Of Love
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Danizya Camilleri When We Were Young
02 Emma Cutajar Un Amico e' Cosi
03 Chanel Agius Fight Song
04 Eksenia Sammut Greatest Love Of All
05 Luca Cesare Perdere l'Amore
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Krista Sujak River Deep Moutain High
02 Danizya Camilleri You Make me Feel my Love
03 Chanel Agius Angel
04 Shanice Micallef Forever Young
05 Natalya Galea Hurt
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Eksenia Sammut I Will Survive
02 Shanice Micallef Kemm Hu Sabih
03 Rihana Azzopardi River Deep Moutain High
04 Krista Sujak Hurt
05 Danizya Camilleri That's Life
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Emma Cutajar & Luca Cesare Just Give Me A Reason
02 Natalya Galea On My Own
03 Shanice Micallef Emilja
04 Rihana Azzopardi New York
05 Krista Sujak Pupa tal-Plastik
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Jasmine Vassallo River Deep Moutain High
02 Eliana Gomez Bianco Adagio
03 Martina Galea Loffreda Say You Love Me
04 Jody Debono All About That Base
05 Martina Abela Caro Mio Ben
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Mariah Baldacchino Mean
02 Hanna Mifsud Up Side Down
03 Jasmine Vassallo I Have Nothing
04 Jody Debono Dancing On My Own
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Martina Abela Ave Maria
02 Eliana Gomez Bianco I Surrender
03 Shanice Borg Lebroun Xejn
04 Martina Galea Loffreda Defying Gravity
05 Hanna, Jasmine, Mariah (B I G] 80's Medley

No Singers Songs Placing
01 Demi Galea At Last
02 Shazay Grima I'm In Love With a Monster
03 Thea Gauci Kemm Hu Sabih
04 Charisse Azzopardi Mama Knows Best
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Shazay Grima Some body to love/We Will Rack You
02 Demi Galea Mercy
03 Carla Genovese All About That Base
04 Charisse Azzopardi Ahhar Bidwi f'Wied il-Ghasel
No Singers Songs Placing
01 Thea Gauci Broken Vow
02 Carla Genovese Wreching Ball
03 Demi Galea Jealous
04 Demi Galea I Feel Good
04 Charisse Azzopardi Who's Loving You