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Josephine Ebejer Grech

Josephine Ebejer Grech was born on 23 March 1977 in Marsaxlokk, she is singer-songwriter, and presenter.

Started singing at the age of 9 years when in the village where she lived, Marsaxlokk, they organized an annual festival. Continued to sing in the festival until some people have suggested to her parents to continue to learn in singing and music on a professional level. This led to studying piano and music theory seventh grade London College of Music and the singing voice at various teachers and sopranos. I participated in several festivals both as a singer and as songwriter. Over time worked on many songs.

Worked on collection of 10 songs all about nature, named Natura intended for heping children to study in school. This CD was accompanied by a booklet with the words of all the songs and a set of questions for each song. Also worked on 12 Marian theme song on the CD Kewka Matutina, and two other CDs with songs of different themes. One of the CDs has the name Sentimenti and the other Melodious Rhymes of Love. Was also issued a music video for her song with named last CD mentioned.

After 1996 ceased to participate in the festivals when he began studying at the University of Malta. Having graduated in 2000 have re started to sing and play music as a job, especially wedding masses. In the meantime I started working as a teacher of Biology and currently teaches at a secondary location.

For the past two years Josephine was the PRO of the festival L-Għanja tal-Poplu and lead the children's choir (ages 4 to 20 years) of the same team. Once a week give free singing lessons. Wright and have produced the musical Malta Tagħna Art Twelidna to upload September in secondary school hall of the at Blata l-Bajda and even during Notte Bianca in Valletta.

For thirteen years has been producing and presenting programs or Television for Education 22 some of which were also shown on TVM. Among the programs that have produced the best there was FREE - program themes psychological, social and sexual education for young people, Laboratoj on the top scientists in the islands and we have work to do, Kurżita about current events and general information; Kabu - a program for children about the princess and her friend Harmony Kabu, and various other programs. She also spent six months reading the main news bulletin of missing eight quarter on the station Favourite Channel.

She also produced and presented a programme for children on RTK Radio for five years. Currently she produces and presents the quiz programme on RTK – Nistaqsu u Nitgħallmu. She is also the presenter of various song festivals and shows in the Maltese islands.

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