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Ann Marie Ellul born on 4 October, 1985 and lives at Paola. She is a Singer.

She has to learn voice lesions for the pass eightin year, under several teachers. She started attending the lessons teachers Magaret Mercieca. For several years studying voice and she went also with Amadeus and Priscilla Psaila ‘Kaya’.

In the moment she is still continue study the voice and [Josahua Alamu]] where attending even some lessons with Rita Pace. She joined several festivals including the Fl-Għaqda il-Melodija where she placed at first place in three Category with – Alej Oh Oh excerpts written by Martin Attard, Aħna iż-Żgħazgħa also written by Martin Attard, Pultruna Komda written by Mark Spiteri Lucas.

In 2002 she was one finalist from the contest song disc independence by written request by Martin Attard. Also participated twice in Malta festival hit song with excerpts L-Imħabba written by Christopher Azzopardi and John David Zammit and Eviva Il-Maltin F’Ħaġar Qim written by Paul Ellul and Renato Briffa.

In 2005 and account by one finalist in Hot Spot program was view on net TV where he finished in fifth place. In 2011 she was one of the finalist from the program Do not Stop Me Know where it was aired on TVM where there finished in fifth place. She sings with conductor John David Zammit with band on the stage with the Union Band of Ħal-Luqa on the Feats.

Also take part well with Maestro Richard Bugeja where there band singer with St. Philip of Ħaż-Żebbuġ as well as St. Mary in Ħad Dingli band on stage the feast. I also finalist twice at festival showtime with A Bit Of Magic passages written by Rita Pace and Anthony Buttigieg and Shooting Star written by Rita Pace and Elton Zarb.

In September 2014 she took part and ended among the finalists in the final night of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 2014, with the song Kuntenta Kif Jien lyrics and music by Rita Pace.