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Angie Laus

Angie Laus was born on 31 March, 1975 at Pietà as Angie Gauci, grew up at San Ġwann till she married to Duane Laus son of the late presenter Vince Laus in 1999 and moved to Bugibba. About this day she said it’s good for me, that always have a day off on my birthday, being a feast. She is a popular presenter.

Taken her education at Primay School at San Ġwann and Junior Lyceum at Sir Adrian Dingli. From her early years Angie like dancing and she went to leasrn Jazz Dancing, and late on she was a dance teacher and dancer with Aceline Dance Company.

Her first encounter with TV was through dancing and singing. Angie have been dancing since the age of 4 and stopped 30 years later when tv litteraly took over her life.

The first program as a Co-Presenter, when she hosted was called Ġenn, way back on 1998, together with Alfie Fabri, Valerie Vella,Natalie Attard and Brian James. It was a program full of music videos back in the time when it was the only way to watch a music video in Malta view on PBS.

A few years later in 2003 Angie produces and persened her first program called Hollywoops on Net TV. Hollywoops was about the mistakes in movies that the directors don’t see or decide not to remove.

After that she decided that it was time for her to work full time working in tv productions and that when she joined Where’s Everybody ( today We Media) Angie started with Xarabank and thanks to Peppi Azzopardi gained a lot of experience and knowledge about tv and that’s when she started producing shows.. like The Search as a Producer / Director view on PBS on 2005. Tikka, on 2005-2006 view on PBS and Angie was Director and Producer, Deal or no Deal, between 2007-2009, Fil-Pjazza tar-Raħal view on PBS 2006 as a Producer, Kulħadd fil Pjazza between 2006 and 2007 as a producer two, and finally hosted and produced Pjazza between 2007 and 2009 and for the past 8 years since 2007 as a producer presenter the popolar Sunday tv show Ħadd Għalik. Besides many others commercial video adverts.

Angie Laus on Ħadd Għalik

One of my greaest experiences of my carrier are when she directed and produced together with her husband Duane Laus the music videos for the Eurovision Song Contest. WE had the opportunity to work with as a Producer/ Director with Kayce Third Eye (2003), Olivia Lewis Vertigo (2007), Vodka Morena (2008), Ħelu Bambin with Chiara Siracusa and Ludwig Galea (2011), Gianluca Bezzina (2013) and his team during Tomorrow, and with Firelight for Coming Home (2014), Vertigo Kurt Calleja (2014) and Find a Way Norbert Bondin (2014).

Beside that Angie presented too even important shows like Malta Music Awards 2009 and Gozo Music Festival 2008-2009, and Malta Music Awards 2014.

Angie said When hosting definitely my favourite moments are the two time I hosted the Malta Music awards...I simply love music and especially love the fact that we an promote local music and musicians!

But I’ve also had some great opportunities interviewing artists like The great Dennis Law and Dennis Erwin, ex Manchester United players. I’ve also interviewed Andrea Bocelli, Fish from Marillion, Amadeo Mingi and met some great people through my job..Liza Minelli and Rod Steward where the cherry on the cake!

In her personal life, Angie is a quite simple person! A mother of an amazing 16 year old man called Mick and live with him, and her husband Duane and their adorable 4 cats!

And to keep her more quite it is simple..put on some dvd or music of the great Michael Jackson and let her watch Manchester United in peace..hoping they win! Other wise send her to travel and ideally insert a concert whilst she’s away!

Now she’s looking forward to present the 39 Edition of the Maltese Song Festival L-Għanja tal-Poplu on Saturday 21 March, 2015.

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