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Vince Laus

Vince Laus was a popular country music radio DJ, born in San Ġiljan on 1 January 1945. His younger brother is another popular Maltese radio DJ, Mario Laus.

Vince Laus fell in love with country music when he was still a teenager. He moved to England in 1963, where he was able to follow country music more closely.

He lived in the UK for 12 years, during which time he started to build his country music collection and also served as the Beach Boys Fan Club secretary.

When Vince returned to Malta in the late 1970s he wanted to make country music more popular amongst the Maltese. In October 1978, he launched the Country Music Appreciation Society, which had over 200 members at the time of his death.

The CMAS lives on under the direction of co-founder Daphne Stevenson, Vince's wife.

Laus started broadcasting on the Libyan-Maltese radio station, Leħen il-Ħbiberija u Solidarjeta (Voice of Friendship and Solidarity), presenting a country music show. However, he took on a higher profile when he joined Super 1 Radio in August 1991, and gained popularity through his programme "Nagħżel Jien, Nagħżel Country" Later he also produced shows for Super 1 TV

Vince Laus married on 21 September 1969 after they were introduced to each other by British DJ Robbie Dale, following a public radio announcement that Vince was looking for "a friend". They had two children, Sherri and Duane.

He died on 26 August 2004 at the age of 59.

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