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Alison Saguna

Alison Saguna was born on 19th May, 1983 and lives in Ħal Għargħur. She is a pianist and a music teacher.

At the early age of 6, she was introduced to the pianoforte by her musical cousins. She started taking lessons with Sr. Lidwina Mary Cauchi LRSM OSA, and at the age of seven, she sat for her first exam with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, obtaining immediately the highest grade in School. In 1995, she switched college and sat for exams with the London College of Music.

At the age of 16, Alison passed from her diploma examination which gave her the right to use the letters A.L.C.M., meaning Associated in the London College of Music. After this, she attended classes for more professional techniques, at Mro.Pawlu Grech.

In 2010, Alison completed a three-year course at the University of Malta, obtaining an upper second class in B.A. Hons, specialising in musicology, under the tuition of Dr. Mro. John Galea.

During her musical studies, she took part in extra activities to put this art in practice. She was appointed as voice leader of the altos section and the official pianist of the St. Monica Choir, a four-voice choir made up of 70 members. This gave her the opportunity to play in many concerts in Malta, as well as in foreign countries, including Spain and Budapest. She played in many churches and festivities around Malta and also in the Mediterranean Conference Centre, where the choir took part in the 11th International Choir Festival and won the Gold Award. The choir took part in the Olympic Choir Festival in Linz, Austria and won the Bronze Award.

In 2007, Alison joined the Amadeus Choir, under the direction of Brian Cefai. Again, she was a voice leader and pianist, and was also given the opportunity to reshuffle and organise the setting of this choir. Between 2007 and 2010, Alison took part in several other choirs, mainly singing in the alto section. These choirs were Voices (2008), The Mirabitur Choir, under the direction of Simone Attard, Chorus Urbanus of Gozo, directed by Dr. Mro. John Galea, Collegium Musicum of Dr. Mro. Dion Buhagiar and the Vocal Ensemble at University.

Alison Saguna

In 2013, she participated in singing ‘The Peacemakers’ under the direction of Karl Jenkins, the composer himself.

She has lately joined the Goldberg Ensemble, a small choir under the direction of Mro. Michael Laus. She is honoured to be singing with some of the best musicians and singers in the island. They have participated in the Baroque Festival, performing the ‘Messiah’ from Handel.

She has accompanied professional singers, such as Anna Azzopardi, Louis Cassar, Joseph Aquilina, Debbie Scerri, Tiziana Calleja and Glen Vella in wedding masses and receptions.

Between 2010 and 2013, Alison was a music teacher with FM Theatre Production, better known as Stage Coach. There, her classes consisted of around 17 students where she taught fundamentals of music and how to incorporate singing in musical theatre.

Alison has been giving piano and theory lessons at her residence since 2008. She gives individual lessons to children as well as adults, offering them the possibility to choose whether to sit for examinations or not. Most of her students who sat for examinations with the London College have obtained Distinctions, as they prove their talent and enthusiasm in this art.

From December, 2016 she started teaching music theory, vocal technique and also piano practice with the Harmonic Ensemble Music & Voice Academy.