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Thea Saliba Born on 14th, September, 1991.

Thea is a born artist, her nanna was Ċensina Zammit the first singer sang the famous song "Malta", her auntie was Doreen Galea and her cousines are famous too such as Dominic Galea, Lito Galea, Manolito Galea, Leontine and Daniel Testa. At the tender age of 4 Thea gave her first singing performance at a local song festival with her song titled "Għalkemm Flus m’għandhiex".

From there onwards Thea continued to sing in various activities but her singing career really kicked off at the age of 6 when she was chosen from amongst 148 children after auditioning to cast the role of Gretel in a world famous musical "The Sound Of Music" presented by a London based company at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. This experience created numerous other opportunities for Thea when later that year she performed the role of a Siamese Princess in another musical "The King and I" presented at Manoel Theatre. During this period Thea was listed with a renowned modeling agency with whom she had the opportunity to be part of a promotional campaign for one of the leading Banks in Malta.

Thea could be seen on all distributed leaflets, TV promos and Bill Board adverts. For the following 3 consecutive years Thea enjoyed participating in 3 different International Song Festivals in Italy. The first experience was in Battipaglia followed by "Pompei Giovani" in the historical town of Pompei and the latter organized in Bari.

In fact Thea placed 2nd from amongst 14 international participants in "Pompei Giovani" and awarded best interpretation in Bari. Meanwhile Thea was also busy studying piano and Russian ballet. All this helped Thea to achieve outstanding performances when on stage. Studying music guided Thea to compose her 1st original song titled "Rainbow Colours" with which she stamped her name on every local newspaper, children’s and other weekly magazines whilst she was invited to all popular TV programmes to promote "The World’s Largest Human Rainbow" event in November 2003.

Acknowledging her abilities in all these fields, Thea prepared a couple of songs to try her luck in participating in The Junior Song For Europe 2004. Much to her surprise, her song titled "Say No" was chosen and managed to finish 6th place whilst her continuous persistence in achieving higher scores and perform professionally during the following year, resulted in Thea winning the Junior Song For Europe 2005 with her own original song "Make It Right". She and her 7 dancers namely ‘Thea & Friends’ had the greatest experience in Belgium enjoying a week of Eurovision parties and activities whilst meeting other international singers and reporters was an achievement that Thea could never ever forget.

Thea is still popular with international Eurovision fans to whom she has to reply to daily emails sent by fans. Thea’s image changed rapidly at the release of her new CD titled "Follow Your Dream" in summer 2006. A new website assisted this new CD featuring Thea’s latest songs and a recent photo gallery of this rising star. Having achieved this goal, Thea was invited to perform in London during a Gala Dinner organized by the Malta community in London. Showing proof of her ballet dancing gave her right to dance at Pineapple Studios in London.

Returning back to Malta, Thea was recognized by a very talented Maltese composer who worked closely with Thea to create a new style of music for this artist releasing a new song titled "About You" which is also featured in Thea’s website. Various local radio stations have including Thea’s music in their playlist with Smash radio ranking high in supporting Thea mainly during DJ ADI’s shows. Thea is currently continuing her studies but is looking forward to show case her singing talents both locally and internationally. New songs and more news about Thea are soon to hit the headlines.



  • Follow Your Dream


  • About You

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