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Ċensina Zammit

Ċensina Zammit was born in the Capital City of Malta, Valletta on 17 April, 1948.

Ċensina Zammit comes from a family with music background, her Grandfather was playing the madolina, Her uncle Paul Grech, is a composer, as well as a painter. Her Grandmother were a folkor singer and her mother cousin is the famous, the Clarinettist known Freddie Mizzi She’s a singer and sister of Doreen Galea. Today Ċensina Zammit where know by people as Sina Borg.

Taken her education in Valletta, and Finished her Secondary School at Ħamrun.

She learn singing by self-taught, one she was out at the Premier and Jojo and his quartet were playing at that time and I had asked him if I could sing and he accepted. He like the way I sang and offered me a job twice weekly. After some months she continued at renowned places like The Sheraton Hotel, Premier, Las Vegas Night Club, of Oscar Lucas, Tropicana, Road House and at the Caravel Night Club.

She taken part also in festivals, and the first festival that she sung was held at the Radio City in 1962.

She also placed too in several festivals, like Festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija , ans she placed 3rd Place with the song Il-Qamar tal-Maħbubin. Then, there was another festival at the Buskett Road House where she had placed 2nd.

Everyone knows the famous Maltese song MALTA that was written by Doreen Galea and composed by her husband Maestro Sammy Galea. The song was sung by several singers like Carmen Scerri, Mary Spiteri and Georgina Abela among others, but the Original version was sung by Ċensina Zammit herself when she was 17 years old at the Malta Song Festival 1967.

She never went aboard to rapresent Malta in foregin Festivals. But she meet Petula Clark’s manager and was offered a singing contract and Ċensina refused it because she ,was too young.

After Ċensina was married she stop singing, to take care her family, her children, got children too and they are even in music scene, today she always watch how it goes about festivals, and she was very proud of them. Yes, I follow both Thea Saliba and Daniel Testa everywhere they go, being on television and local and foreign festivals. I am their number 1 fan!

In fact, the most memorable ones were back in 2005 where Thea represented Malta at the Junior Eurovision 2005 with her song Make It Right and also back in 2008 where Daniel represented Malta at the Junior Eurovision 2008 with his song Junior Swing. My latest experience was this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 where Daniel placed 3rd with his song One Last Ride.