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  • ...since childhood. Decades have passed since those early days of collecting newspaper cuttings in a scrapbook, and here I am, all these years later, still as cra [[Articles by Michael Bugeja]]
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  • * ['s-Diary-3807870980| 2014-01-28, Malta Indepen * [| 2006-10-18, The Times - C
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  • ...irst published in February 1972 and for many years was the only broadsheet newspaper printed in Malta. ...icated to Sports, featuring sports news, results and photos accompanied by articles and interviews about all the sports events happening locally and abroad.
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  • '''Fil-Mument''' is a commercial supplement of the weekly Sunday newspaper [[Il-Mument]]. Features include music, cinema and television reviews as wel * [[Articles by Noel D'Anastas]]
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  • '''Collage''' is a 14-page supplement of the weekly Sunday newspaper [[Il-Mument]]. It frequently includes articles about music, written by [[Noel D'Anastas]].
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  • ...The Herald]] and [[Weekly Times]] as a crime writer for [[The Herald Sun]] newspaper plus its online version, as a private investigator and as a public speaker. Charlie has written numerous journalistic articles on various topics such as cold cases, train passengers standing up to a rac
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  • ...ars of migrant settlement in Australia. He continued to contribute to this newspaper on various topics of interest to Maltese migrants. George also contributed articles on Maltese migration to Australia to ''[[Lil ─Žutna]]'' magazine issued by
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