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Il-Mument is the Maltese-language Sunday paper of the Partit Nazzjonalista, published by Media.Link Communications.

It was first published in February 1972 and for many years was the only broadsheet newspaper printed in Malta.

It carries an in-depth analysis of local and foreign news with special emphasis on the local political scene. Apart from news analysis, Il-Mument also includes two supplements, Collage and Fil-Mument. Collage features 14 pages of light reading. Fil-Mument, which is mainly commercial, includes music, cinema and television reviews as well as gossip pages.

Il-Mument also includes pages dedicated to Sports, featuring sports news, results and photos accompanied by articles and interviews about all the sports events happening locally and abroad.

In October 2002, Media.Link Communications launched a new magazine called Life & Style, inserted with its Sunday newspaper. Life & Style offers articles of general interest.

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