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George H Griffiths (1922-1998) was a Maltese journalist and author in Sydney, Australia.

Early life & migration

George Henry Griffiths was born in L-Isla, Malta in 1922 and was educated at the Royal Navy Dockyard School. He served his apprenticeship in Marine Engineering and was later employed with the Admiralty as Measurer & Recorder of Works.

George migrated to Sydney with his wife in 1948 and worked for many years with the P&O Company. He became a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. During his first years after arriving in Sydney, he was active in the Welfare area, helping fellow migrants with information and referral to CUSA House.


George will be remembered for his articles to the various newspapers and newsletters, namely The Maltese News, produced by Paul Paris in Melbourne, and The Maltese Herald in Sydney. His series of articles Those Eventful Years dealt with the early years of migrant settlement in Australia. He continued to contribute to this newspaper on various topics of interest to Maltese migrants.

George also contributed articles on Maltese migration to Australia to Lil Ħutna magazine issued by the Emigrants Commission in Malta and devoted to migrants all over the world.

His main publication was a monograph, Ritratt, which is a history of Maltese migration in pictures.

George passed away on the 5th February 1998 aged 75 years.