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Jade Cini

Jade Cini was born on the 12 June 1995. And lived in the Captital City of Malta, Valletta. She is a Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model, and Miss Malta 2013.

Jade is the daughter of the former Valletta FC and Malta goalkeeper Reginald Cini and sister of Valletta FC and Malta Under 21 goalkeeper Yenz Cini.

At the age of 3 years, Jade was in the modelling scene and did quite well, winning various titles and going to Paris too at the age of 5 after becoming Mini Miss Miniature of Malta !

She was also one of the few children who modeled for "Diesel" when the company first came to Malta. Obviously she showed she was always eager to go up on stage and so decided to start dancing too.

Dancing with the YTT Young Talent Team made her confidence boost up and even made it easier on stage in beauty pageants. In 2004, at the age of 9, she auditioned for a TV Program on One TV named "Bravi" going in as a Dancer, and got through. It was her first audition for a TV program, though she had appeared in TV Many times before, modelling with clothes, making adverts and appearing on talk shows for children too.

The Program included a dancing routine, a song, and a script to be learnt every week, Jade had to dance, sing and act too, even though she never did acting and singing before she liked all 3 disciplines equally at some point and it was hard to choose a favorite! Choreographer Jes Sciberras, Singing Teacher Maddee ,and Acting Coach Zep Camilleri, helped Jade develop her skills and improve her talents.

Eventually she was contacted to start singing lessons after the TV show ended, placing Jade in the top 20 amongst all the children who took part! After the Great experience Jade wanted to continue in the music industry and so she auditioned for The Malta National Children's Choir where performing with Paul Abela's band and Ray Mangion techniques were definitely considered an asset for her!

Later she started private singing lessons with Known Maltese singer Priscilla Psaila where she developed more attitude towards singing and voice techniques. Taking part in festivals was definitely on her mind but as the offer and opportunity to take part in "Starter Pack" came by, she definitely could not refuse and so she joined the 14 week course among with a group of around 12 other children. The course was not just about singing ~ apart from getting involved in how the camera works and what's an editor's job, she had to write her own song with the help of Gerard James Borg and Paul Abela. The final product of the song was very good and later that summer Jade shot her very first music video of the song she wrote herself "Any Minute" with Where's Everybody's production team and she was involved in the whole process ! even the choreography by Jes.

In 2007 she put her song through the Malta Junior Eurovision Song 2007 contest but only made it to the second round. That definitely did not make her stop from working, in contrary she had a year to focus on her studies and work even harder for the following year and as a matter of fact she did. in 2008 her hard work paid off when both her entries for the Malta Junior Eurovision Song 2008 contest got through. "Do it for me", which was the song to actually open the contest was written with the help of Priscilla Psaila and Rita Pace whilst "Endless Voices" was written with the help of Maestro Paul Abela and Joe Julian Farrugia. it was definitely the year which made her confident grow on stage and the road to more opportunities. she had learnt so much from the experience that she wanted to give it another shot in 2009, which happened to be her last year since she was turning 15 the following year, so she put her final entry and got through. the song was called "An Island Dream" and due to the fact that she had been sick weeks before the final night she could not be involved in the way she wanted to in all the preparations. but, despite that fact she had pulled off an outstanding performance which got her a lot of credit in her career.

Later in 2010, Jade was approached by Noel Zarb, funder of Arte Vera Drama to play a part in a pageant called "SMS minghad Gesu" as the bride of the Marriage at Cana, alongside singer Kurt Calleja. that also brought the chance to take part in another production called "Malti Ghost Busters" having several songs in the musical. the beginning of the new year 2011, brought Jade forwards as regards in fulfilling yet one of her biggest dreams of her career. Backing singer Amber Bondin in the National Eurovision Song Contest in one of her entries "Catch 22" alongside the talented Alana Paula Bondin. it was definitely one of her highlights of the year apart of the fact she got the chance to meet the famous singers from the boy band Blue representing the United Kingdom and Marcin Mroziński representing Poland. Having said that, that year was one of the busiest in Jade's academic life, being one of the many students in tertiary educations, she had little time to spare between life and school but, along came yet another opportunity.

Jade had auditioned to be one of the 40 Main parts in D.R.E.A.M.S Aired on TVM every wednesday after 8:30pm. She landed the role of KATIA, a teen which forms one of the most popular teens in school, who underestimate everyone just because they are not as stylish as much as they are! Unfortunately there are true facts, and even tough its a tough character to play, it has been satisfying to Jade to play such a unique character! Mid-season brought many dedication in putting up a Dreams Show for all D.R.E.A.M.S fans, having to put up all the songs in a choreography and performing Live was a tough but satisfying task for her. 2012 was also approaching and at the end of January she was asked to back up Priscilla Psaila (Kaya), who had been her vocal coach for years, in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her entry "First Time" along with Floren Sultana, Jody Magri and Raisa Piscopo.

Jade Cini

This was also a once in a lifetime experience meeting Ell and Nikki, former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. she was also one of the few singers who got the opportunity to sing in the National Stadium in the Bov Premier League on the 12th of May 2012. entertaining more than 6,000 people.

In 2012 was concluded with The BAY MUSIC AWARDS, where Jade was approached by Muxu (Matt Mercieca) nominee for best solo artist with "Pour Down on Me" along Rachel Tedesco Triccas and Petra Micallef as backing vocalists. This was Jade's first performances in the Bay Arena. There she met Davinia Pace, contestant for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with "Betrayed". As soon as Davinia made it to the finals, an audition was set up and Jade was confirmed to be on of the 3 main backing vocalists together with Nicole Azzopardi (former Junior Eurovison 2010 winner) and Rachel Tedesco Triccas.

Jade Cini Miss Malta 2013

This was definitely one of those memories she will cherish throughout her career. Apart from having the opportunity to perform in the Song Contest, Jade also had the chance to be an opening act for the Final show of the Eurovision with D.R.E.A.M.S cast in two numbers. Not to mention how great this experience was, Davinia and her team made it to 3rd Place in the Finals and that was just the cherry on the cake to end it all.

Jade finished filming D.R.E.A.M.S Season 2 in summer of 2012 and focusing a bit more on her studies in April 2013. Summer of 2013 was one huge step in her career that she never saw coming her way.

She entered in Miss Malta 2013 after seeing an advert on One TV. It was a continuous 12 week live program from different places in Malta, in the Final Night on the 28th September she was announced with the ‘People's Choice Award’, ‘1st in Televoting’ and last but not least Crowned as the reigning queen, Miss Malta 2013.

This was something she had been working for, for ages, and she finally she achieved what she worked for. Becoming Miss Malta only meant more work and more opportunities, together with her sponsors she had 2 months time to get into a tip-top form for the big final night in Germany. meanwhile she started a Bachelor in Education (Hons.) in Primary Education at the University of MALTA. Jade travelled to Germany on the 1st of December 2013, and she spent 15 days of fun activities, meeting the German press, touring around Germany and last but not least making new friends from all over the world. She represented Malta in the 42nd edition of MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2013. She did quite well, and was named The most beautiful Miss Malta ever by the Great Pageant Community.

She was chosen among all the contestants to be in Emmi-Nail's upcoming season advertisements. Even though she did not get the crown home, she came back with a sack of experiences in her modelling career and a lot of friends worldwide. Jade is currently working on a project for the Eurovision Song Festival 2014 for which she will be backing an International singer who Hit the charts Big time, last year in the Eurovision.

During 2016 she was also an actress in the drama seriel Grammi.

In June 2016 Jade Cini for the first time was a Maltese face compete with the best models in the world including second classified Miss Universe and Miss Top Model of the World

These Model of the World They are selected among the most successful models to make at home and Jade Cini is representing Malta face for the first time because no English has never been previously selected in the Miss Grand Prix.

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