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The Young Talent Team here is how a group of youngsters aged 12-18 went from singing just for fun to becoming one of the most popular teenage groups in Malta.

The Young Talent Team was born in a living room in Xemxija on 5 April 2000. Rehearsals started in this makeshift studio and within a few months, this group of teenagers were already being asked to take part in quite a few TV and charity shows.

In November 2002, Young Talent Team won the Malta World Championships for Performing Arts – Junior Section. The following year, the dance studio in Xemxija was completed, thanks to the kind intervention of the late Joseph Debattista.

That same year, they participated in the first ever Junior Song for Europe as dancers, placing sixth place.

It was in January of 2004 that Young Talent Team started their magic carpet ride of successes under professional management.

A very big step was when they recorded their first single – a cover version of a song by S Club 7. This was followed by a tour of Tunisia with performances in three different cities. Smash Radio played their music for the very first time on air and all the other radio stations soon followed suit, giving them plenty of airplay.

A major highlight was when they were invited to participate in The EU welcome spectacle in the Grand Harbour in May 2004. They also obtained their first major contract with a hotel.

Young Talent Team then became resident entertainers in a weekly TVM programme called Fit-Tajjeb u L-Ħażin. Seeing their talent, they were soon being asked to take part in various shows and events such as the Farsons Great Beer Festival, The Delicata Wine Festival in Malta and Gozo, Festival Indipendenza and Festasajf.

Not content with waiting around to be asked to perform, they organised five Friendship road shows in Marsalforn Gozo, Sliema, Buġibba, and Marsascala in aid of Rażżett tal-Ħbiberija, collecting Lm 850 in funds.

Another major achievement came in 24 September 2004 when the Young Talent Team won the Junior Song For Europe 2004 final with the song Power of a Song, written and composed by the members themselves.

Unfortunately, 2004 also brought with it some bad news. Joseph Debattista, the team’s biggest supporter, sadly passed away. Young Talent Team represented The Maltese Islands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Lillehammer, Norway, placing 12th and getting a great review in the international press. They were welcomed back to Malta with a new host of fans and requests by UK and French radio stations for Power of a Song to be placed on their play list.

From their humble beginnings as a little-known group of teenage performers rehearsing in a living room, they had quickly established themselves on the local entertainment scene. Proof of this came when Gwida chose Young Talent Team’s image for their annual Christmas card.

In December 2004, the group launched their Christmas single –The Magic of Christmas, composed by Andrew Zammit and written by Christopher Azzopardi in aid of Razzett tal-Hbiberija.

The group’s popularity continued to increase last year, with trips abroad, television appearances, the opening of their fan club, launching a new single called Celebration and their most ambitious project yet – organising their own festival called Heart of Gold.

By this time, they had also engaged the services of Arleen Barlow as their vocal coach.

It was with Bikja oħra /179 Andrew Zahra / Deo Grech / Andrew Zammit that the team really showed their commitment to social causes as the song was released to raise awareness about children who suffer in one way or another. The single was sold out with the money going to the Children’s Fund. It also reached number 17 in the top 30 singles chart.

Andrew Zammit and Christopher Azzopardi wrote another single for the group, Heart of Gold to coincide with the campaign of the same name – a five hour show which raised funds for Rażżett tal-Ħbiberija and children’s homes. Other top entertainers also participated, and after a great public response, Lm 2400 was collected.

During this year, a second voice coach – Ozzy Lino was also asked to train the singers.

During The Junior Song for Europe Finals of 2005, the group gave a mini concert, singing four of their original releases. One of the main events for the team was singing in front of Queen Elizabeth during the CHOGM activities.

Meanwhile, in an effort to constantly improve their range of talents, Tony Cassar Darien, has been asked to provide dramatic training to these youngsters

Now that they have their own radio show, the team has also launched their first album Magic of Christmas, which has been very well received.

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