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Funk Initiative

Funk Initiative is a six-piece Indie/Alternative/Funk band from Malta. It is composed of Gianluca Bezzina (vocals), Paul Torpiano (backing vocals/keyboards), Daniel Cassar (guitar), Fabian Bonello (saxophone), Daniel Buttigieg (Drums/Percussion) and Shaun Abdilla (bass guitar).

They were formed in early 2010 after winning the 2009/2010 edition of KSU's Singer-Songwriters' Showcase with their debut single Forget It, and have since been playing around Malta with such acts as Vinnie Vintage, Relikc Skimmed and TwoTimeShooter. Midway through 2011 the band released their second single Paris, produced by Niki Gravino, complete with music video by Simon Callus, which can be viewed on the band's Youtube channel, which was a massive radio hit and which spent two weeks at the top of Malta's Top 10 on 897 Bay and two months in the charts.

The band was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2011 BMAs, shortly before their third release - The Liberators was Funk Initiative's 3rd single, also produced by Niki Gravino - released on the 1st November 2011 complete with a music video by Ed Dingli. More music and more performances are in store for the band's ever-growing fanbase.

Forget It was featured on Toni Sant's 241st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 15 January 2011. Paris and The Liberators were also reviewed by Toni Sant in later editions.

In 2013, lead singer Gianluca Bezzina became a household name when his song Tomorrow, written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 becaming Malta's entry to the pan-European contest in Malmö, Sweden.

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