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TwoTimeShooter is a Maltese alternative rock group.

The band is made up of Peter Pullicino (vocals), Julian Caruana (bass guitar and backing vocals), David Causon (rhythm guitar), Daniel Rosner (lead guitar) and Mark Bajada (drums).

On Monday 20 September 2010, they won the 2010 Rookies' Battle of the Bands top spot and were awarded a free recording session for their songs at a studio in Ibiza. A few days earlier, on Thursday 16 September they released their debut single, Twisted Tuxedo, on YouTube and Myspace.

On Friday 10 December 2010 they returned to Rookie's Bar in Buġibba for a gig with Three Stops to China.

Twisted Tuxedo was featured on the 231st edition of Toni Sant's Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 23 October 2010.

2011 is the year they will be heading To Ibiza. They are in the process of writing the album and decided to release one more song before going abroad. "Heather's Rope" is about the constant struggle between 2 people who know they can no longer be together but cannot find it in them to stop. It is about frustration and anger the relationships bring with them. It was produced by Boris Cesek and the video was done by some friends of theirs at MCAST.

2 Gigs are planned in summer. One at Hacienda Baystreet with Funk Initiative as an end of exam party and one at Rookie's Bar Bugibba to open this year's edition of the Battle of the Bands! More details about these on our facebook page!

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