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Eric Ace

Eric, Anthony Charles Emmanuel Calleja known as Eric Ace was born on the 9 of April 1962 in the town of Gżira, in the Maltese Islands. He is a guitarist, backing vocal and composer.

At the age of 5 he had already shown signs that Music was already boiling in his blood, it was the Beatles era at that time and Eric grew up listening to a lot of “Golden Age” songs.

This was very influential in him and at the age of 13 he started to take music and guitar lessons although during his schooldays he had been already learning Music and singing in the school Choir.

Eric formed his first band and named it The BlackJacks and he had also started composing his first original songs. After 2 years of initial experience in the music world the band split up and Eric was in search for other musicians so as to form another Band and search for other opportunities while he continued to write new original songs such as “Saigon Sun” which later came to be his first hit as the name of the song was changed to “Midnight Sun”.

This was 1984 the same year when he had met his friend Godwin Debono who was a DJ at some of the popular clubs in the Town of Sliema and Godwin had asked Eric to join the newly formed band together with Chris Cassar and Sandra Sammut which later the band was named as X-Tend.

Eric has remained with X-Tend ever since joining them, it was the right band at the right moment and things started to happen fast especially when Charlie Dalli joined the band as their lead singer which led to an exciting adventurous and successful Story of this band with many Historical Achievments.

Eric Calleja

During this extensive period of time Eric had also contributed to other various musical projects not connected with X-Tend. He also sang many times as a solo artist in many local Festivals and Eric also wrote songs to various other local artists, naming some like Georgina Abela, Antonella Vassallo, Ritianne, John Bundy, Joe Mallia, Marita and others. Apart from all these Eric appeared at numerous Local TV shows and also some abroad.

Eric has also participated 4 times at the Finals of the Malta Song for Europe Festival, once with the Band: Back to Nature, one other time as a duo with Charles Dalli and twice with X-Tend. Also on countless occasions Eric accompanied Charles Dalli in the L-Għanja tal-Poplu Maltese Song Festivals.

In 1990 Eric won the Yamaha Keyboard Competition and as a winner he was invited at the International Yamaha Festival in Switzerland the following year. Eric`s favorite musical experience so far where the Australia Tour and other favorite experiences like when the Band was supporting act with Mattia Bazaar, Haddaway, Corona, Bonnie Tyler, Imagination, Jive Bunny and the MasterMixers and Wet Wet Wet.

With X-Tend Eric also played in Sicily (4 times) Italy (Twice), Monte Carlo/Monaco, France, Switzerland. Turkey, Tunisia and Germany (Twice) Eric`s most successful compositions are:


  • Midnight Sun & Deadly Dreams from the Album - EXTEND
  • Nightmares (Double A side single to Boys of Tomorrow)
  • Black Pagodas from the Album Boys of Tomorrow
  • Don`t say No to Rock`n`Roll & Game of Life from the Album - Bits from the Scrapyard.
  • Hide your Shame (Music by Noel D`Anastas) was an enormous hit & also Reach out from the CD album Social Dancing.
  • Kartolini from the Double CD album Sbieħ il-Milied
  • Techno Alphabet & I`ll always love you from the CD album - Let`s have a Party
  • Dancefloor (with additional vocals by Marie Angie Laus know as Angie Laus famous TV presenter) from the CD album Chapter 8 / Collage
  • Eternal Kiss & Just like a Dream from the award winning CD album - PowerPlay (Winner of best album 1998 Malta Music Awards)