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Tony Camilleri ‘Bayzo’

Tony Camilleri better known as Bayzo (3 April 1947 - 1 February 2018) was a singer and guitarist from St Paul’s Bay, Malta.

Bayzo established himself in the musical scene in the sixties, when he was bass guitarist with pop group The Malta Bums.

In 1966, Bayzo together with the other members of The Malta Bums went for a tour in the United States of America and Canada. The tour lasted more than a month and included live concerts. The band also visited Germany where there recorded the immortal Viva Malta.

After Freddie Portelli left The Malta Bums, Bayzo became the band's main vocalist. In 1973, the Malta Bums published L-Ewwel Tfalja li Ħabbejt composed by Ray Agius and penned by Alfred C. Sant, a song which spent months in the local chart.

After The Malta Bums stopped, Bayzo started a career on his own. Through the years he was part of Bayzo's Klikka mainly for hotel work.

Bayzo made several television appearances and took part in the rock opera Dream.

Tony Camilleri ‘Bayzo’

He took part in various song festivals. In 1982 he was classified first in his category in the 2nd Malta International Song Festival held in the Mediterranean Conference Centre at Valletta. He performed Mużika Mużika by Alfred C. Sant. He took part in other local song contests such as Wardakanta and Malta Song Festival.

He was part of the cast of the rock-opera Ġensna, composed by Mro Paul Abela, lyrics by Ray Mahoney and directed by Joe Galea with the first performance held the Mediterranean Conference Centre at Valletta on 18 December 1982. At the time, the rock opera was staged for 40 times, including at Ħaġar Qim. After 20 years, it was staged again, but in concert style, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre for 12 times, attended by more than 17,000 spectators. All the main singers took part, along with a choir of 120 singers. In 2014, it was held again at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali.

Bayzo took part in Albert Lattuada's international film Cristoforo Colombo. Along with John Suda and Lino Mintoff, Bayzo captained one of the famous three ships namely Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. This opportunity even took him to the Caribbean for filming in 1984. There, Bayzo had some problems with food poisoning.

He took part in other local musicals. These include Bastilja by Mro Paul Abela and Ray Mahoney in August 1989, Andrelisa by Mro Dominic Galea and George Saliba, L-Għarusa tal-Mosta and a voice over in Pawlu 2000.

As a soloist, he toured Australia, Canada and the USA between 1984 and 1985 and performed in front of Maltese emigrants. He represented his country in song contests in the Sopot Festival in Poland and Bratislava Lyra in Slovakia.

Bayzo died on 1 February 2018 at the age of 70.

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