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Mro. Andrew Calleja began his musical career with the band [[Għaqda Mużikali Sant’ Andrija of Ħal-Luqa. There his first music lessons at the Headmaster Mro. Paul Schembri, where at the age of 15 years made the first debut with this same band with trombone.

Maestro Andrew Calleja continued musical career in 1982 when he joined the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta. Is his service and with the National Orchestra and Big Bands, where playing with various musical works. After several years of study in the theory and harmony at the conductors Mro. Ronnie Debattista, Mro. Manoel Pirotta and Mro. Raymond Sciberras, Mro. Andrew Calleja earned several diplomas w passing the Fellowship examination.

The Maestro Andrew Calleja was appointed as Assistant Headmaster of Anici Band and Social Club in 1988 and exactly ten years later, in 1998 was appointed as bandmaster with the band, but had already opened up by Band bandmaster of Soċjeta Mużikali Madonna tal-Ġilju of Imqabba.

During these years with Anici Band, the Headmaster Andrew Calleja taught several students in the theory section of copper and wrote several marches march, Funeral and other compositions include classic clips ranging and also are found in musical archive of this band and directed Hynix several concerts both in the Theatre of the Catholic Institute in Floriana, Sir Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta and even in Residence Theatre of San Vinċens de Paul.

In 1996 he had traveled with the band Anici in Canada and the United States of America. His career as the bandmaster of the Band Anici was in end 2005.