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Acid was a Maltese heavy rock band that came together in the early 1980s and remained active through the 1990s.

Rokarja poster for May 1983 gig

While it lasted, they were one of the mainstays in the Rokarja AST scene in Tigne playing several gigs there and across other venues in Malta.

Line-up: Mario Bonnici (vocals), Charles Camilleri (guitar), Roger Vella (drums), William Christie (bass) and Robert Cuschieri (keyboards).

On Saturday 28 May 1983 they appeared at the Tigne Chapel with fellow Rokarja band Overdose for one of Malta's first Heavy Metal gigs featuring more than one metal act.

In 1992, Acid recorded two tracks, Electric Lady and Rock City Limits for the compilation CD Watching The Music, which was released by Radio 101. The album featured 8 other tracks from 4 more Maltese bands.


Listen to Acid's Electric Lady, recorded at Padded Cell Studio in 1990. File:Acid Electric Lady.mp3