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Singer / songwriter, Vittorio Gauci Born on October 15, 1986, in Sliema, Malta, Victorio Gauci, started singing at the age of 10, taking part in various small local festivals and also musicals, from which he gained confidence and stage experience. Vittorio always had an interest in music. His parents used to give him cassette tapes so he could record himself singing and record self made radio programs. He used to love listening to cartoon songs on TV and record them aswell. He was an energetic boy and music was his therapy.

Throughout the years, Vittorio took part in various musicals and also festivals, in which he participated also with his own material. Although he didn’t win all of them, he always regarded each participation as an experience and as a new opportunity, and as he puts it “Always gave me strength to carry on and never give up”.

When he turned nineteen, he decided to go to London to gain more knowledge, get to know people in the music industry and to have the possibility to live and breathe music every second of the day. Vittorio left his family and his girlfriend for less than a year to embark on his music journey in London and to study for a1year Diploma at the well known Vocaltech College. He managed to get into various auditions, in fact Vittorio had the opportunity to participate in a musical held at the London Palladium.

Vittorio also tried his luck at the famous TV show X-Factor, where he managed to get through to the 3rd phase, meaning being judged by Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges including Sharon Osbourne and Danny Minogue, and also made it through the auditions for the famous musical Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat for BBC. As part of his studies at the Vocaltech College, he had the opportunity to delve in various repertoires of music ranging from contemporary to rock and jazz which helped him develop an inclination towards two particular styles of music being jazz and rock. He also studied subjects such as voice techniques, song writing and much more.

In fact, when he returned to Malta, Vittorio started searching for different musicians in order to form a rock band. He had the opportunity to sing pop/jazz with musicians in different hotels across the island, in weddings and also was a resident singer on a local TV program. He found it fun and enjoyable working nearly every weekend and of course gaining more experience.

After 2 years from his arrival back to Malta, Vittorio was offered to be the lead singer in a local band singing in different pubs, which proved to be a great opportunity. After a year, he had to leave the band due to other singing opportunities. Although he left the band, he kept on thinking and dreaming of having a band and going main-stream. After 2 months leaving this band, he met up with the lead guitarist from the previous band, they both expressed their wish to form a band with good musicians and work on new material.

And his dream came through. In March 2010, Vittorio met together with the former lead guitarist and 2 other new members, and they hit it off well so they started rehearsing together in a local band club in Sliema. Since then, they started performing gigs in pubs and open air festivals and concerts. They named the band ‘The Crowns’ and from there they started working on their new material.

In March 2011 Vittorio and his band The Crowns, added their 5th member and later on went to the Temple Studios to record two new songs. Memories and Out of Nowhere hit the Maltese charts in 2011 and were aired on all local radio stations in particular Bay Radio where Memories topped the charts for two consecutive weeks and Out of Nowhere for a week and both songs made it also on the charts of another top radio station, XFM’s Top 40.

That year, The Crowns were invited as guests in many Maltese festivities, such as Notte Bianca, BirguFest, Campus Fest, and various other gigs around the Maltese pubs. The Crowns had the opportunity to also perform as a supporting act for Airport Impressions at Zurrieq Live in Concert. All these events helped The Crowns to end the year with a Bang and achieved the title of winners for Best New Comer Award and the Viewer’s Choice Award at the Bay Music Awards 2011.

The Crowns also launched the remix for Memories mixed by a well known Maltese deejay Toby, which now the remix entered the Malta’s top 10 on Bay Radio. In the meantime The Crowns are currently busy with the recording of other steaming new material and planning on launching an album later on this year.

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  • Show Me The Way (Released 2002)
  • 01. Kif Inbdilt
  • 02. Reach
  • 03. Uomini Soli
  • 04. Fid-Djarju tad-Destin
  • 05. Bailamos
  • 06. Perdere L'Amore
  • 07. Tifkira
  • 08. Show Me The Way
  • 09. Nel sole
  • 10. Video Killed The Radio Star
  • 11. My Way
  • 12. O Mio Signore
  • 13. When You Say Nothing At All
  • 14. Bring The House Down
  • 15. Baby Can I Hold You


  • Iż-Żgħożija
  • Inħarsu 'l Pajjizna
  • U Jgħaddi iż-Żmien
  • Għaliex?
  • it’s a Dream
  • Is It Destiny?
  • Show Me The Way
  • Is-Sinjal
  • Fid-Djarju tad-Destin
  • Imħabba Żagħżugħa

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