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Gianluca Cappitta was born on 1 January, 1990. His experience went back to 1998 when he was a vocalist with Stella Maris Boys Choir (1998 ‐ 2001) led by Frank O'Neill performed in album entitled One Voice produced at Philip Vella Studios . Gianluca played with many band in his career.

He was guitarist and vocalist with Turbulence (2004 ‐ 2005) and wrote Lyrics for Left Behind produced at Tone Studios, he was Guitarist with Youth For Christ music ministry (2005 ‐ 2006) and Bassist and Vocalist with De La Salle College Band (2007 ‐ 2008), Guitarist/Bassist with Feedback (2008 ‐ 2009), Guitarist/Bassist with X.Pressions (2009 ‐ 2010), Guitarist with local artist Geordie Debono (2008 ‐ 2009), Guitarist with Censor Me! Band (2009) band for a theatrical production, Bassist with local artist Claudia Faniello (2010 ‐ ), Guitarist with The Crowns (2010 ‐ ) writer/composer and producer of Crazy Head. Coproducer of 'Beyond Destiny' both produced at Blacklight Studios.

Gianluca Cappitta

Productions: Co‐producer of Għażiż Għalliem, Alone, Believe in Him all produced at Blacklight Studios.

Having two teenage brothers when growing up meant that he was exposed to listening to their favourite music for several hours a day. However, it was only after taking singing duties in a band back in 2004 that spurred me into a deep fascination of music. Since then he have come a long way, having had the privilege to perform along side some of Malta's best local talent and fun characters and he look forward to experiencing more of the same, please!

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