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I set up this page a few weeks after Miriam died, driven mainly by the fact that I wanted to capture her dates of birth and death, which I had originally noticed on a Facebook message. The Facebook messaging system changed in early August and the subject line (containing the dates) from that message disappeared. Anyway, just thought I'd make a note of this and encourage those close to Miriam to contribute memories and memorabilia to remember her by on this page. To my mind she is Malta first female rock singer and although I didn't really know her personally, I must say that although there were probably other young women who sang rock(ish) songs in Malta before her, none were members of metal bands that played live in public at rock concerts.

After creating the initial stub, I posted a link to it on Steve Spiteri's Facebook wall saying "It would be wonderful if we could use this M3P page as a tribute to Miriam..." He responded with the following personal message on Facebook:

Hi Tony!
How r u?
Wanted to tell you that I do share with you the idea of using the mp3 as a tribute to Miriam.
The only thing is that I don't have any recordings of our time with Overdose back then. Maybe the only source for some recordings of Overdose with Miriam is through Andrew Zammit our guitarist or maybe John Vella tal-Mirage the sound provider for our concerts.
But........ I just got hold of a recording of the Maltafest 1988 presented by Alfie Fabri where we: Miriam, Me and Joe Buttigieg the drummer ( all ex Overdose by then) played together with John Gafa L-Awstraljan under the name of 'The Flies'.
It's a cassette recording of half an hour done by John Vella tal-Mirage. On the other side there's the band 'Business' with Mike Spiteri, Robert Lungo, Pejxa, John Vella and Lawrence Baldacchino.
This Cassette belongs to John Gafa and:
1. I'm trying to see where I can have the best possibility to transfer it on to Mp3 or CD.
2. If we had to put it on this mp3 page as a tribute for Miriam, I think it should be more than appropriate to also ask John Gafa' and Joe Buttigieg for their approval.
What do you think?
Thanks and Regards

He also sent me a picture of the two bands: Overdose and The Flies from 1983 and 1988 respectively. I will place these on the M3P server now, but I will not include them on any main information page until Steve, John and and Joe are on board with the idea. I'd also like to get Andrew Zammit's input on the Overdose part of Miriam's story.

I had already contacted Andrew when Miriam died, in the hope of including an Overdose recording on my MMI podcast; he informed me that there are no recordings of that band.

The recording from Maltafest 1988 (more likely MaltaSajf if it was 1988 and Alfie Fabri was involved) sounds like an outstanding hidden gem, if we can get it digitized and archived properly. Naturally, this will require cooperation from all the other band members. The other side of the cassette is also most intriguing! I vaguely remember this version of Mirage playing at MaltaSajf in 1988...but I don't remember that they were called Business.

Anyway, I will not contact Steve in the hope that we can work together with all the other musicians Miriam sang with (and possibly others) to preserve our memories of her on this page and wherever else the links take us to on the M3P.

--Toni Sant (talk) 09:40, 9 August 2011 (UTC)