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Overdose in 1983 - L to R: Miriam Gafa, Stephen Spiteri, Spider (back), Joe Buttigieg (front), Andrew Zammit

Overdose was one of Malta's first heavy metal bands, based at the Rokarja AST in Tigne throughout the 1980s.

The original line up consisted of singer Band Member::Miriam Spiteri (known as Miriam Gafa), guitarists Band Member::Andrew Zammit and Joe "Spider" Fenech, bassist Band Member::Stephen Spiteri and drummer Band Member::Joseph Buttigieg.

On Saturday 28 May 1983 they appeared at the Tigne Chapel with fellow Rokarja band Acid for one of Malta's first Heavy Metal gigs featuring more than one metal act.

In 1984, Band Member::Frans Darmanin and Band Member::Ġeorġina Sammut replaced the bassist and lead singer, while Fenech parted company with the band.

Overdose in 1984 - L to R: Andrew Zammit, Georgina Sammut, Joe Buttigieg, & Frans Darmanin.

Overdose never recorded in a studio and there is no known live recording of this band.