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Sylvienne Gatt

Sylvienne Gatt was born on 1st July ,1985 at St Lukes Hospital in Pieta and lived the first few years of her life in Sliema and then San Ġwann.

She taken her education and studied at St Theresa Junior Lyceum, and continued her studies at MCAST.

From an earlier age she found that she like Singing and done drama, and even modelling always interested her since a younger age.

She first started taken lessons in modelling and singing, then she started learning singing at the late age of 18 under the guide of Helen Micallef.

Sylvienne remember well the first time when she was on the stage in a festival organized by Erseb Productions Erseb Goes Christmas 2020 when she placed First placed in one category and Second placed in another category, while in modelling way back she taken part as Miss Sliema 2001 at the age of sixteen years.

As a singer she taken part in several festivals, and occasion shows for charity and guest in several shows at feast village. As a model she taken part in Miss Christmas, Miss Regina d’Europa, Miss Malta, and a few fashion shows.

Sylvienne Gatt Acting and Singing

She never been singing aboard although she looking forward for it in future.

She used to sing in different hotels and bars around Malta, even sang at weddings. Around 16 years ago there was a competition on Bay Radio (singing an Ira Losco song) which she placed with the first 10. Erseb goes Christmas 2020.

As an Actress, Her passion for Drama again started at a very young age, infact at the age of 6 she interpreted Mary (mother of Jesus) in a christmas play at the mużew.

Her mother always mentions a time when Sylvienne was around 12 years when she really wanted to go and do drama in Hollywood. Around 3 years ago she had the opportunity to start as an extra on a TV series, which then led to the other instense parts on TV and stage. On Tv Sylvienne taken part in serveral great drama serials Manwela, Ċirkostanzi. Ħbieb u Għadewwa, Anigma, Strada Stretta, L-Għarusa and F’Ġieħ l-Imħabba.

On stage she taken part in Issa Aħjar, għax tqila, Chucky and l-Prinċipessa ta’ Malta. But never got the experience to taken part in a radio play.

Beside singing and acting she plays also the Piano.

Her wish is to continue learning, improving and fulfilling her dreams, that are that one day she’ll have the opportunity to work on bigger projects and parts, maybe even outside our beautiful island, and also, she wishes to combine singing and drama together in a musical, both on TV and on stage